Boris Johnson and COVID-19 – this is not a drill


United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson was born on 19 June 1964 at 2.00pm in New York, New York (please see chart below with current transits). He has recently tested positive to Coronavirus (or COVID-19) (as has UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock).

As the Coronavirus pandemic escalates, more countries are testing people and tracing contacts, quarantining, closing public spaces, banning handshakes and mass gatherings, and enforcing self-isolating and social distancing measures. The UK government however initially adopted a softer approach. It would only test people admitted to hospital, and advised no social distancing measures except that people with symptoms should stay home. There would also be no school trips overseas and people over 70 years old should avoid holidaying on cruises. They have since changed their stance and tightened restrictions. On 23 March 2020, Boris issued a ‘stay at home’ order for the UK, ordering people not to leave their homes except for essential purposes.

Natal chart overview

Boris has a light Gemini Sun, sociable Libra Ascendant and a deeply intense, passionate, and private Scorpio Moon, indicating a need for loyalty and trust. He also has Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury, in Gemini, along with two other personal planets, pleasure-seeking Venus and assertive Mars. This emphasis on Gemini; the Mutable Air sign, indicates Boris is adaptable, flexible and versatile. He would likely enjoy being on the move and using his rational, logical, even witty mind – communicating, gathering information, learning and expressing his ideas both in writing and in speech.

Current transits

Neptune in the 6th house

Boris has been recently diagnosed with COVID-19, as nebulous, foggy Neptune – ruler of viruses and the unseen, moves through Pisces in his sixth house of bodily health, everyday work and routines. Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces, the sign which dissolves all boundaries and fosters a return to ‘universal oneness,’ and in the sixth house focuses on serving others.

Neptune conjunct Chiron

Transiting Neptune at 18° Pisces was exactly conjunct Boris’ natal Chiron (the ‘Wounded Healer’) throughout March 2020. Chiron represents our core wound; it is how we try to heal ourselves, and subsequently others. For Boris this is potentially through service work, both practically (sixth house) and spiritually (Neptune), although it seems to have gone too far in merging with the others.

Boris stated he was at a hospital recently shaking hands with coronavirus patients, joking that the people would be ‘pleased to know’ that the virus would not stop him greeting hospital patients with a handshake. He was later diagnosed with the virus and entered self-isolation on 27 March 2020.

Neptune square Mercury

Further, transiting Neptune is applying to make a tense square to his Mercury (respiratory issues) in Gemini (ruling the lungs and breathing conditions, for example, bronchitis) which is exact on 2 April 2020. This is the first exact transit of three going into 2021, the second being 20 September 2020 and the final one on 1 February 2021. He also has natal Mars (inflammation) in Gemini (lungs).

Mercury also co-rules his twelfth house of sickness, confinement, loss and places of seclusion meaning he could easily wind up in hospital. (Virgo rules this house cusp).

Boris’ natal Neptune is in the second house and opposes his natal Jupiter (traditional ruler of his sixth house) in the eighth house, with Jupiter being the ruler of his third house, again connecting with Gemini, Mercury, and the lungs.

Saturn square Moon

Transiting Saturn’s recent entry into his sign of traditional rulership, Aquarius is neatly making a tense aspect squaring Boris’ Moon in Scorpio, in its Fall position. The Moon is a very important factor when examining health issues, and can represent the body – especially when it falls in the first house. The Moon rules fluids in the body, including lymph, and mucous membranes. Saturn’s effect is limiting, depressive, depriving, slowing and restrictive. This transit lasts until 6 April, then returns late June to early July due to Saturn’s retrograde motion.

From shaking hands to shaking the virus, Boris will need to take this very seriously indeed.

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