Brexit – deal or no deal: Boris Johnson’s horoscope


Brexit – deal or no deal: Boris Johnson’s horoscope

With the looming possibly of a Brexit (British exit from the European Union (EU)) on 31 October 2019, I thought I’d have a look at UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s natal chart.

Boris Johnson was born on 19 June 1964 at 2.00pm in New York, New York (please see chart below, with current transits).

Gemini sign emphasis

Boris has a Gemini Sun, sociable Libra Ascendant and a deeply intense, passionate, and private Scorpio Moon, indicating a need for loyalty and trust. He also has Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury, in Gemini, along with two other personal planets, pleasure-seeking Venus and assertive Mars. This emphasis on Gemini; the Mutable Air sign, indicates Boris is adaptable, flexible and versatile. He would likely enjoy being on the move and using his rational, logical mind – communicating, gathering information, learning and expressing his ideas both in writing and in speech.

Ninth house of beliefs

These planets (except Mars) also fall in his Ninth house of the higher mind, so there is an emphasis on philosophies, higher education, long distance journeys, publishing, law, and the quest for meaning. The North Node appearing here too indicates his path of destiny and growth in this lifetime – including the exploration of knowledge, foreign cultures and belief systems.

As a child Boris attended boarding school in England, then won a scholarship to Eton College, and studied classics at Oxford.  He became a journalist, correspondent, assistant editor, political columnist, then an editor until 2005. He won a seat in Parliament in 2001 as a Conservative after a failed first attempt in 1997. He also appeared regularly on British television programs, and is a published author.

Sun exactly conjunct retrograde Venus

Boris’ Sun is exactly conjunct Venus, planetary Chart Ruler as the ruler of his Libra Ascendant. These planets are also ‘partile’, meaning they fall at the same degree. This strong aspect can give him an understanding of relationships, a high level of affection, wanting to love and be loved, and a knowing of how important popularity and being sociable is.

Venus is however retrograde, appearing to go backwards in the sky from our point of view on Earth. He has his own sense of social and aesthetic values, may have difficulty expressing his affection, indeed be self-loving, and tend to form more unconventional relationships. Venus in Gemini can also be a little fickle as Gemini is a more restless sign.

Mars and Jupiter in the eighth house

Mars in the eighth house can bring about issues in relationships too, especially concerning the darker emotions of anger, jealousy, lust, envy and greed.

Jupiter in Taurus in the eighth shows being at home with financial dealings, resourceful in manifesting money, and working with and benefiting from other people’s money. However Jupiter is opposing Neptune in the second house, suggesting Boris can be careless with monetary dealings and overly emotional in personal involvements.

Moon trine Sun, Venus and Saturn – a grand trine

His Moon is trine Sun meaning Boris would feel comfortable with the conscious (Sun) and unconscious (Moon) sides of his personality. There is no conflict between what he wants (Sun) and what he needs (Moon). The Moon also trines Venus and Saturn, forming a grand trine aspect pattern. This is harmonious, and co-operative energy, indicating an easy material life, however can also suggest a sensitive nature which is covered by a more scratchy exterior, especially since two of these planets are in Water signs, the element concerning feelings and emotions.

Mars as focal planet of a Mutable T-square

Mars in Gemini is square both Saturn in Pisces and Uranus in Virgo. Boris is also strong-willed and headstrong, impatient with an intense drive to act independently, boldly forging ahead doing his own thing. He has leadership qualities, enjoying initiating pioneering projects. Focus is needed due to possible inconsistency in action, scattering his energy and being too impulsive. He could be very highly-strung with lots of nervous energy, needing mental rest to recharge the batteries.

Cancer Midheaven

Cancer, a Water sign, rules his Midheaven or career sector. Boris needs to feel safe and secure in his career, projecting the ability to nurture, protect and care into the world; the UK is ‘Mother Country’ after all. He would be sensitive to the mood of the public (Moon, ruler of Cancer), and potentially have the ability to sway the feelings of the masses.

Mayor of London and Brexit 

Boris became Mayor of London in 2008, and was re-elected in 2012. He returned to Parliament in 2015 (while remaining Mayor of London, but did not run for mayoral re-election in 2016). He became a strong proponent for the ‘Leave’ campaign before the June referendum in 2016 on whether the United Kingdom should stay in the European Union or not. The vote was 52 per cent to leave, and the then Prime Minister David Cameron resigned. Boris failed to gain support to run as a candidate and Theresa May became Prime Minister, with Boris named as foreign secretary. Theresa May struggled to formulate an exit strategy with the EU, due to occur on 29 March 2019. Boris resigned as foreign secretary, then Theresa May resigned on 7 June 2019 but remained caretaker prime minister until the party voted on her replacement.

Prime Ministership

Boris officially became Prime Minister on 24 July 2019. He had campaigned promising to leave the EU without a deal (a ‘no-deal Brexit’) if the exit agreement with the EU was not changed acceptably, according to him, by 31 October, 2019. With communication planet Mercury stationing retrograde in emotionally possessive Scorpio 27o 38″ that day, I doubt whether any negotiations and deals will be permanently effective, especially since the shadow period leading up the station commences on 11 October 2019. The ‘shadow period’ is when Mercury first passes over the degree that it later returns to in its retrograde motion.

Current transits

Neptune square Mercury

Nebulous, foggy, dissolving Neptune is making a tense aspect to Boris’ ruling planet, Mercury, making his efforts to communicate or get his message out unclear, muddled, confused or even deceptive. This transit interferes with our ability to think logically and clearly, as our feelings can get in the way. At the time of writing there are legal questions surrounding whether he misled the Queen over the recent proroguing or suspension of Parliament for 5 weeks, until 14 October 2019, as opponents of a no-deal Brexit moved towards passing legislation that would prevent that option for leaving.

As Neptune moves through his sixth house of health, everyday work and routines, Boris may need to be more conscious about being organised, making sacrifices for the greater good, letting go of the ego self, and/or feel inspired to become more creative. Any health issues may be unclear or misdiagnosed.

Jupiter opposite Sun

Jupiter is the planet of abundance, growth and expansion, so when soon opposing the Sun it will influence Boris’ sense of identity and core self, and how he expresses himself. Jupiter represents moving further afield, seeking to expand our horizons with faith. Dreaming big with optimism and confidence, this transit will bring Boris a sense of freedom with forward-looking vision. He will however need to be mindful of restlessness, going ‘over the top,’ and having an inflated ego leading to arrogance.

Saturn conjunct Pluto in the Fourth house

The upcoming Saturn conjunct Pluto conjunction on 12 January 2020 falls in Boris’ 4th house of home and family. This is an area of retreat, where there could be endings such as a move or residence, home renovations, or changes with a parent. Saturn is connected to work and career, while Pluto rules power, so it’s not a time for worldly affairs but more a time to ‘dig deep,’ excavating psychological roots and to restructure more private matters – our ‘inner house.’

It seems unlikely a deal will be struck and an extension may be sought from the EU until 31 January 2020 (also unlikely), or the United Kingdom will make a ‘hard exit’ from the EU. Maybe the opposition parties in the British House of Commons will table a motion of no-confidence against Prime Minister Johnson, and a general election would be called, effectively bringing about another referendum.

Current power structures are being transformed generally. Our political, social, corporate and governmental hierarchies are bringing their shadow side and darkness up to the light to be uncovered, purged (Pluto) and restructured (Saturn). As Jupiter and Saturn become conjoined on 21 December 2020 in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius, this will usher in a new phase of social equality.

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