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Astrology Monthly update 27/09/2020 The Astrology of October 2020 – the shocking truth

The ‘stop-go’ influence of the exact Retrograde Mars in Aries square to Saturn in Capricorn at 25° is still with us going into October, however this is the last square between the two malefics (‘bad planets’) in these Cardinal signs (exact 29 September 2020), since the next square will fall in Taurus and Aquarius in …

Astrology Monthly update 26/07/2020 Astrological overview for August 2020 – steady, disciplined creativity

The Astrology for this month is largely one of burgeoning frustration with Mars in Aries sneaking up to square Saturn in Capricorn. However, the energy is a little lighter and brighter with the Sun now in his home sign of regal Leo. This placement offers a more creative, playful, optimistic, confident and even dramatic energy. …

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