Current transits and the US election – ‘We the People…’


The US election on 3 November 2020 is set for a surprising turn of events.

Mercury stations direct on election day

Not since the George W. Bush v Al Gore election on 7 November 2000 has Mercury stationed direct on election day. In that case, a Florida recount dispute needed to be settled. This was decided by the Supreme Court, took 36 days and turned out to be quite divisive since Bush won by only 537 votes out of around 6 million votes that were cast.

Mercury was stationing at 29° of Libra back then, whereas it will station at 26° Libra this time around. There is therefore the possibility that the election results between Trump v Biden, and any communication and information may be unclear, take some time for votes to be counted, re-counted, decided, revealed and resolved – especially since Trickster Mercury also squares cautious Saturn in  Capricorn at 26°.

It is also possible that the election itself may be postponed, or one of the candidates may become ill. The media would be wise to hold their fire in getting the message out until a decision clearly establishing a winner is declared. Delays in agreement are certainly indicated.

Full Moon in Taurus 31 October 2020

Preceding election day the Moon will be Full in practical Earthy Taurus, at 08°38′, exactly opposing the Sun in intense Watery Scorpio at 08°38′ on 31 October, 2020; Halloween. However, the Moon will be exactly conjunct Uranus, planet of surprise, breakdown, inventiveness and breakthrough, at 08°41′ Taurus.

Full Moons are a time of culmination and release, where something hidden can be illuminated, come to light – and let go of. The people are in the mood (Moon) for change (Uranus). The change may be sudden and unexpected, like a lightning strike.

The Moon in Mundane Astrology (the branch of Astrology which analyses groups and nations – from the Latin ‘Mundos’ (meaning ‘of the world’)), represents the people, the public, particularly women and crowds, and that which is common to all.

The planet Uranus in Mundane Astrology rules rioting, separation and anarchy. Civil unrest is likely. The emotional need to bond and attach in a safe, secure and predictable way (Moon) will be subject to collective detachment, separation, disruption and shake-ups (Uranus), which includes economic earthquakes since Taurus is the sign of material security.

Taurus – material security

Taurus is a sign which has a Fixed Quality (or Mode). The Fixed modality signifies the middle of the seasons, and its energy is steadfast; fixed signs are routine, regular and have a sense of pattern.

Taurus is of the Earth element concerning stability, predictability and groundedness. Taurus is also generally associated with patience, steadfastness, reliability, sensuality, self-indulgence, resilience; even stubbornness and inflexibility, plus being cautious, methodical, deliberate and enjoying the sensual comforts of life that money can buy (like good food and fine wine).

The Moon in Taurus is generally considered to be ‘Exalted’ here as she assists with the tides and rhythms of nurturing and nourishing the self. However, connected to rebellious Uranus her serene world is in for an abrupt liberation.

The Sun opposite Moon and Uranus in Taurus

Scorpio – emotional security

The Sun will be in the sign of Scorpio at the time of the election. The sign of Scorpio too has a Fixed Quality. With this sign, imagine unabiding emotional depth and loyalty. Scorpio is one of the signs which is also associated with the Water Element concerning feelings and emotions, instinct and sensitivity. Passion, resourcefulness and determination, having staying power and strength of will are further associated with Scorpio, however complete transformation can occur through crisis – death and rebirth. The downside of Scorpio is that it can be concerned with being secretive, manipulative, jealous and possessive, be unforgiving and seek revenge – having a “sting in the tail.”

Scorpio is a sign that feels deeply and intensely, and indeed at this election time, secrets around money and the economy in particular may be discovered. Things buried deep beneath the surface are about to be shockingly revealed.

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