Donald Trump and COVID-19 – what are the chances?


United States President Donald Trump (and his wife, First Lady Melania Trump), tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday 2 October 2020, after he downplayed the pandemic since the outset. Donald Trump is currently in Walter Reed Military Hospital in Maryland receiving treatment (please see chart below with current transits).

Donald Trump is currently experiencing difficult transiting aspects from Saturn, Neptune and Pluto to his natal chart. Given his age of 74 years old and his weight, plus any underlying health conditions, this could become a very serious situation not only for the Trumps but for the upcoming US election on 3 November 2020 (and beyond). The election campaign at the very least would most likely be wound back.

Trump’s personal health situation is also happening against the backdrop of the broader Saturn/Pluto conjunction (which occurs every 38 years), in Capricorn, which signifies the death and rebirth of hierarchical power structures, government and corporations, particularly if there has been wrongdoing.

Transiting Neptune in Pisces

Neptune medically rules viruses and contagious diseases, addictions and poisons. Neptune is considered a ‘dissolver’, one who breaks down the boundaries and barriers, and where the energy is cloudy and confusing, draining and fatiguing, permeating, and weakening or ‘leaking of vitality.’ There can also be misdiagnoses of conditions and extra sensitivity to medication.

Transiting Neptune in Pisces at 18° in Trump’s 8th house of other people’s resources, death and taxes, indicates confusion, delusion, obscuration and possibly deception around these areas. It is making a tense T-square to his Sun in Gemini at 22°, and Moon in Sagittarius  at 21°. Trump was was born during a total lunar eclipse – when the Sun and Moon are opposing each other in the sky. Included in this transit is also the effect on the Nodal Axis at 20° Gemini-Sagittarius, which always aligns with the Sun and Moon to create an eclipse.

Neptune square Sun in Gemini 

Trump’s Sun in Mutable Gemini can scatter the life-force, with burnout being possible when depleted and under strain. The Sun rules our core vitality, self-confidence, our radiance and being able to build and maintain our immune system. The sign of Gemini rules the trachea, lungs, arms and hands, pneumonia, bronchitis and nervous conditions. When our immune system is low (as with a difficult Neptune transit), we become more prone to infection and illness.

Leo Ascendant

Fiery Mars is rising in exuberant, showy Leo, so he is generally strong and vital with great resistance, plus fortunate Fixed Star Regulus (Latin for ‘Little King’ also known as the ‘Heart of the Lion’) also falls on his Ascendant, although arrogance can bring down the ‘King.’ The element of Fire carries a lot of energetic action, while Mars has a lot of drive, stamina and assertiveness. It is the ‘fighting spirit’ and the urge to independently go after what one wants and desires. The Ascendant is how we meet the world, our persona and how others see us.

Nevertheless, despite Trump’s outwardly exertive high energy levels, outer planetary transits or triggers (those from Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) to the inner planets, especially the lights or luminaries – being the Sun and Moon, are considered to be ‘priority transits’ and therefore significant. Trump is currently experiencing a hard double-whammy with both lights being squared at the same time.

Sun as chart ruler 

The Sun is particularly important in Trump’s chart as it is the chart ruler or traditionally called the ‘Domicile Lord of the Hour-Marker’ as it rules his Leo Ascendant. Therefore it rules his health since the first house is associated with the body and general constitution, and is a conductor of vitality and energy. Leo is associated with the heart and spine.

Neptune square Moon

Trump’s Moon in Fiery, Mutable Sagittarius suggests restlessness and impulsive feelings; an emotional scattering. The Moon in medical astrology is very important due to its sensitivity and rulership of the instinctual, unconscious or automatic reflexes, including breathing, sneezing and the wake-sleep cycle. It rules our emotional reactions and habits, and regulates fluids and secretions, including water retention.

Neptune breaks down barriers of emotional separateness, where deceptive emotions, feelings of confusion, avoidance of emotional needs, and dependency and enmeshment issues can ensue. The transiting South Node is also conjunct his Natal Moon. This Lunar Node is depleting, it weakens, exhausts, drains and diminishes, and is therefore similar to the effects of transiting Neptune. 

Total Solar Eclipse 

The total solar eclipse on 14 December 2020 falls at 23° Sagittarius, which is also conjunct Trump’s Moon. Solar eclipses represent ‘wildcards’, where issues come to light arising from the subconscious, and potentially powerful new beginnings in life. 

Third house profection year

Trump is currently 74 years old, so is in a Third house profection year which emphasises siblings, and incidentally, his younger brother Robert recently passed away in August. Trump has Jupiter and Neptune in Libra in his Third house, and the house ruler is Venus. This makes Venus the Time Lord for the year, and she is natally situated at 25° of Cancer in Trump’s 12th house of sickness, loss and seclusion. 

Venus is also being exactly impacted by restrictive, limiting Saturn at 25° of Capricorn (and Pluto at 22°) transiting his 6th house of bodily health. Saturn is the natal planetary ruler of the 6th house, which is considered a house (or place) of ‘bad fortune’ by Hellenistic Astrologers, and the 12th house is considered a place of ‘bad spirit.’ Pluto will remain in opposition to Trump’s Venus until late 2022, intensifying and powerfully transforming his relationships and finances.

Further, transiting Venus currently in Virgo is in her Fallen sign, and is when Trump was diagnosed with Coronavirus. The malefics (‘bad planets’) of transiting Mars Retrograde at 23° of Aries squaring, again, transiting Saturn at 25° of Capricorn are in effect for at least the first half of October. This may be a time of ‘reaping what he has sown,’ since the malefics square (Mars) and oppose (Saturn) Trump’s natal Venus (25°) and Saturn (23°) in Cancer (in Detriment) which are natally conjunct in the 12th house.

The time of reckoning has arrived. Trump may well have used up all his chances.


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