Full Moon in Aries 13/14 October 2019 – Relationship changes


Full Moon in Aries 13/14 October 2019 – Relationship changes

The Full Moon this month occurs on either Sunday 13 or Monday 14 October 2019, depending on where you live, with the Moon at 20°13′ Aries and the Sun in the opposite sign of Libra at 20°13.′ It is exact on 14 October 2019 at 8:08 am Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) (please see chart below).

In Los Angeles it is exact on 13 October 2019 at 2:08 pm (PDT), in New York on 13 October 2019 at 5:08 pm (EDT), and in London on 13 October 2019 at 10:08 pm (BST).

The Full Moon is a time of culmination and fruition at the peak of the Sun/Moon cycle. Full Moons are also cycles of completion, endings or closure.

Both Aries and Libra are signs of the Cardinal quality or mode, meaning that initiating action comes easily for these signs, whether it be ideas and relating to others in the search for balance and harmony (Libra) or independent initiative and drive (Aries).

Full Moon square Pluto

Power planet Pluto is making an exact and tense square aspect to both the Sun and the Moon, dredging up and excavating secrets and the ‘shadow’ buried in the unconscious to be dealt with and purged. Potent themes of death and rebirth, regeneration, emotional power trips, control, manipulation, jealousy, trust and betrayal all play into the mix for any necessary transformations in relationships. With Pluto, we need to ‘let go and let God.’

Venus opposite Uranus

Venus in Scorpio also opposes Uranus in Taurus at the time of this Full Moon. Our love relationships (Venus) may require space and freedom (Uranus) in order to thrive. As the song goes, ‘don’t fence me in.’ We may value being with someone a bit different, unconventional, unique and individualistic, who is more of a friend than a lover, and/or someone who keeps things interesting with excitement and surprises, even shocks.

Moon trine Jupiter, Sun sextile Jupiter

The ‘greater benefic’, expansive Jupiter alleviates some of the more intense Plutonian and changeable Uranian energy as it makes an exact harmonious trine to the Moon, and an opportunistic sextile to the Sun.

Moon trine Jupiter

We may feel the need to grow our learning and teach our knowledge with this aspect, having heightened optimism and more faith in our philosophies and beliefs. Expansive feelings to the point of over-reacting and being extra maternal or overprotective with others can also feature.

Sun sextile Jupiter

With this aspect we identify with opportunities to explore, search and quest for meaning, and to be visionary. Be confident and optimistic about your goals and beliefs, but don’t overextend yourself or become too exuberant.

Where does the Full Moon fall for you, affecting the following areas of life (houses):

1-7 House axis – Relationships – the self and other; “I” and “we”

2-8 House axis – Resources – personal values, material goods, material possessions and security, plus shared resources and possessions, emotional intimacy, and transformation

3-9 House axis – The mind – communication, language, facts, siblings, short journeys, and beliefs, philosophies, higher education, long journeys, teaching

4-10 House axis – Parents – home, roots, past, heritage, family, parents, foundations, and vocation, status, authority, career

5-11 House axis – Creativity, recreation, children, play, pleasure, romance, self-expression, and community, groups, friendships, shared goals, projects, social reform and allies

6-12 House axis – Service work – everyday life, health, craft, daily routines and rituals, colleagues, pets, and surrender, retreat, the mystical, institutions, the unconscious.

The next lunation is a New Moon in Scorpio on 28 October 2019.

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