Full Moon in Libra 19 April 2019 – weighing up partnerships


The Full Moon this month occurs on Friday 19 April 2019, with the Moon at 29°06′ Libra and the Sun in the opposite sign of Aries at 29°06′, which is exact at 9:12 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST/Sydney time).

In Los Angeles it is exact at 4.12 am (PDT), in New York at 7:12 am (EDT) and in London at 12:12 pm (BST).

This Full Moon can highlight issues around relationships. Aries is all about ‘me,’ whereas Libra is all about ‘we’ or ‘the other.’ Where do the scales need to be balanced?

Questions to ask yourself are:

  • Am I getting the balance right in my relationships, or am I over-compromising and ‘keeping the peace’?
  • Am I too independent or assertive in my one-to-one partnerships and need to become more interdependent?

Even so, the Aries Sun conjuncts Uranus in early Taurus, thereby encouraging us to become more independent, individualistic, free and liberated, especially if we’re too constrained and need to break out of any chains another has bound around us. This may not be without upset, shock or disruption.

Harmonious relationships involve equal sharing, cooperation, diplomacy and give and take.

Full Moons often bring up a lot of emotion, particularly when we’re re-evaluating our relationships, whether they be personal or business. Since Full Moons are also a point of culmination and release, we could have an ending or turning point in this area. Further, the 29th degree of a sign is known as a ‘critical’ (or ‘anaretic’) degree, carrying the lessons of these signs, and representing instability, tension, crisis and the last step to take in a relationship, before the luminaries enter new signs for a whole new ballgame.

This Full Moon affects those who have personal planets or angles near 29 degrees of the Cardinal signs of Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn.

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