Full Moon in Virgo – discernment vs universality


The Full Moon this month occurs either on Monday 9 March or Tuesday 1o March 2020 depending on where you live, with the Moon at 19°37′ Virgo and the Sun opposite at 19°37′ Pisces, which is exact at 4:47 am on Tuesday 10 March 2020 in Sydney, Australia (see chart below).

In Los Angeles it is exact on 9 March at 10:47 am, in New York on 9 March at 1:47 pm, and in London on 9 March at 5:47 pm.

The Full Moon is a peak time, a culmination, a completion and closure phase. Have a look at what house axis (below) the Full Moon falls across to see where there may need to be an ending, or what may be coming to fruition for you. At the time of a full moon there can be more intense and reactive feelings and emotions. Hidden matters may also come to light.

Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces

The Pisces Sun is conjunct Neptune at 18° Pisces, illuminating dreams, the mystical, visions, escapism, spirituality, ideals and a sense of oneness; there are no boundaries. We may have realisations around the unity of the Universe, we are all one, all connected, yet we are all individuals. Connect to the spirituality of the Universe.

Things may not however be what they seem, even a deceptive influence. There could be illusions, delusions where things may be foggy or unclear, and secrets can be revealed. Ask yourself, what am I tuning into; is it a fantasy, or reality? This a time to use your creative imagination, tap into your intuition and devote yourself to spiritual service.

The sign of Virgo, and coronavirus

Virgo is the sign of practical service, work, worry, details, critical analysis, discrimination, health, hygiene and efficiency. At present there is still a major concern about the outbreak of coronavirus (or COVID-19). At the Full Moon there could be a peak in virus numbers, we can only hope that the numbers decline after this time. While there is confusion about what the truth is and where the virus is going (Sun / Neptune), governments and health professionals are implementing practical measures to contain the virus, indicative of the abundance of Earth (pragmatic) energy at this time.

Stabilising Earth trines – act on your goals

This Full Moon sees the Moon at 19° in Earthy Virgo making a flowing trine with the planets lined up in fellow Earth sign Capricorn; assertive Mars Exalted at 15°/ lucky, expansive Jupiter at 21°/transformative Pluto at 24°/ and structuring, controlling  Saturn at 28°, while the Sun at 19° makes an opportune sextile to this line up. Make a plan, and make your goals and dreams manifest. This is an important time since so many planets in Capricorn are active, and triggered. Mars is moving closer to the Jupiter / Pluto 22° mark at around 19 March. This is a significant and intense time where anger can erupt and  things ‘heat up.’ If you have planets at this degree of the Cardinal signs especially, count to ten before you act as this aspect will be making a conjunction, square or opposition to any planets in Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn).

More generally, we are in the process of structural change, a death and rebirth experience, which can be difficult due to potentially giving something up. Reflect on where you are and where you are heading, especially in career and relationships. Have the courage (Mars) to make the changes (Saturn / Pluto) you need to make in pursuing your goals and dreams.

Mercury retrograde stations direct – ruler of the Full Moon

Communication planet Mercury, ruler of Virgo, stations direct on March 9/10 as well at 28° Aquarius, sign of its Exaltation, where it stands still in the sky and its energy becomes more intense. While Mercury has been Retrograde, it is a time for reflection and review, and to rethink what has been happening. As it changes direction, we can make more informed decisions in the light of new information. In Aquarius, we could see strong, focussed, original, brilliant, and even genius thinking. Technology and medical breakthroughs can occur. Mercury then moves forward into Pisces again at 12° until on 30 March, the degree where it initially stationed Retrograde on 16 February. This ‘shadow period’ will therefore be in effect until the next New Moon on 24 March in Aries, so if possible wait until Mercury passes it’s post-retrograde shadow period before starting anything new.

Venus / Uranus conjunction

There is also a Venus / Uranus conjunction at 4° of Taurus, which is exact on 8 March 2020. At this time we may find pleasure and liberation in having our freedom, independence and space. If you love and value someone – set them free. Or, when the unexpected, upsets and surprises happen around relationships or money, shaking things up and bringing issues to a head, be flexible around the situation. The truth will be revealed.

The next lunation is a New Moon in Aries at 4°12′ on 23/24 March 2020.

What area of life (House) does this Full Moon fall in in your chart:

Across your 1st and 7th houses – this is the area of self and partnerships. These areas will be emotionally illuminated and there may be an ending or resolution. This may concern issues of balance and compromise between yourself and a significant other. Make sure you look after your own needs.

Across your 2nd and 8th houses – this is the area of money, joint monies and material resources. These areas will be emotionally illuminated and there may be an ending or resolution in the area of income, debt, joint property, loans or spending.

Across your 3rd and 9th houses – this is the area of higher learning and communicating. These areas will be emotionally illuminated and there may be an ending or resolution here. There may also be an upgrade of communication devices or technology.

Across your 4th and 10th houses – this is the area of home, family and security. These areas will be emotionally illuminated and it may be that something needs to change. There could be a move of home or workplace, or there could be a family issue to deal with.

Across your 5th and 11th houses – this is the area of children, play, romance, self-expression, pleasure, friends, networks and groups. These areas will be emotionally highlighted and a risk may be taken.

Across your 6th and 12th houses – this is the area of daily routines, health, work and service. You may want to change your diet and exercise program. Any happenings at your workplace, especially with colleagues, will be emotionally illuminated. You may need to find a place of retreat to regroup.

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