Full Moon in Aries 24/25 September 2018 – Me vs you


The Full Moon this month occurs on Tuesday 25 September 2018 with the Moon at 01°59′ degrees Aries and the Sun in the opposite sign of Libra at 01°59′ degrees, which is exact at 12:52pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST/Sydney time). In San Francisco it is exact on Monday 24 September at 7:52 pm (PDT), in New York on 24 September at 10:52 pm (EDT) and in London on 25 September at 3:52 pm (BST).

The Full Moon is a time for recognising and releasing that which is not healthy for us. Aries is the sign of the self, and represents our competitive urge, our drive, assertion and courage, as well as our pioneering and initiatory spirit. Libra is the sign of the other, representing any one-to-one relationships and partnerships, and being co-operative, fair and diplomatic. This may be a time for examining issues around identifying, “who am I?” in a relationship, illuminating both partnership qualities and challenges. It may highlight the need to either assert yourself, or otherwise find harmony and balance between your own needs and the needs of significant others.

Full Moon square Saturn:

Saturn (limitations, structures and delays), also known as “Cosmic Cop”, “Father Time”, and the “Lord of Karma,” in his home sign of ambitious Capricorn at 02°49′ squares both the Sun and the Moon at the time of this lunation. This configuration is known as a Cardinal T-square aspect pattern. It creates tension between wanting to push forward and go after what we want with emotional matters (Aries), whilst also finding fairness (Libra). However Saturn in Capricorn likes to be cautious and take his time. Responsibilities and obstacles can frustrate this desire to forge ahead in either business or personal partnerships. Burdensome feelings of depression and sadness may also affect relationships. Patience, planning and discipline are the keys to seeing your efforts and goals bear fruit.

The next New Moon is on 8 October 2018 in the sign of Libra.

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