Full Moon in Pisces 26 August 2018 – making dreams reality

The Full Moon this month occurs at 9:56 pm (AEST) on Sunday 26 August 2018 with the Sun and Moon opposing each other at 3 degrees and 12 minutes of Pisces (Moon) and Virgo (Sun). In Los Angeles the Full Moon is exact at 4:56 am, New York at 7:56 am, and in London at 12:56 pm.

Wherever the Full Moon falls in your horoscope, it can amount to a completion, closure or culmination in that area of life. It can also highlight something in that area of life previously hidden, allowing you to change course.

Pisces is an emotional Water sign, representing sensitivity, compassion, being receptive, imaginative, dreamy, psychic, intuitive, and passive. It is also a Mutable sign, signifying the end of seasons when the weather is more in flux; Pisces corresponds to being adaptable, and is hard to get hold of – boundless, like the sea. (Pisces is ruled by Neptune). Pisceans are often self-sacrificing, and found offering service to a higher cause. They can also be unfocused and restless, wanting to escape.

Virgo, directly opposing Pisces, is an Earth sign so concerns stability, predictability, groundedness and practicality. Virgo has a Mutable quality as well therefore Virgoan energy too represents adaptability, flexibility,  versatility and changeability. Some keywords for Virgo include: analytical, discriminating, orderly, effective, and Virgoans can be quite focused on sorting the “wheat from the chaff” and with developing the skills and techniques of their craft. Virgoans however may be too fussy and perfectionistic and overly concerned with the details, losing sight of the big picture.

The key to this Full Moon is to integrate the more imaginative, intuitive and creative side of oneself (Pisces) with the more practical and efficient order and routine of daily life (Virgo). Bringing spiritual service to our day-to-day experience of practical service may be another way of utilising this energy.

This Full Moon is thankfully not as intense as the last one – where we had the total Lunar Eclipse conjunct Retrograde Mars on 28 July. Mars goes Direct on Monday 27 August 2018 after being Retrograde since 26 June, enabling a smoother initiation of projects and plans. Please see this link for more on Mars Retrograde: https://astrologyworks.com.au/mars-retrograde-in-aquarius-26-june-27-august-2018/

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