Venus Retrograde in Scorpio – Plumbing emotional depths


Venus, Goddess of love, turns Retrograde (appears to be moving backwards) at 10 degrees and 50 minutes of Scorpio, her sign of her Detriment, on Friday 5 October 2018 (depending on where you live). Venus then turns direct at 25 degrees and 15 minutes in her home sign of Libra (in Dignity) on Friday 16 November 2018.

Venus turns Retrograde every 18 months for approximately 40 days and 40 nights. Venus rules relationships, desire, beauty, peace, harmony and art as planetary ruler of the sign of Libra, and also rules values, money and worth since she co-rules the sign of Taurus. Any and all of these areas can be up for revision during this time. 

Venus in the Fixed Water sign of Scorpio, ruling deep emotional intensity and passion, could find us going over old ground in relationships, and/or former lovers may come back on to the scene to confront anything (still) lurking below the surface, repressed, hidden, secretive, private and sensitive. We could also find ourselves dredging up deep, dark desires, sexual issues, and issues surrounding loss, fear and taboos. These issues could also relate to the areas of power, the abuse of power, control, trust, loyalty, and betrayal. Sharing such deep communion with another may foster emotional transformation, in the cycle of death and rebirth. 

Venus square Mars and opposite Uranus

Venus will also square feisty, courageous, driven Mars in social Aquarius on 10 October, and oppose freedom-loving, disruptive and individualistic Uranus in staid Taurus during this period, potentially bringing sudden change and crisis to the area of intimate relationships. 

Venus ends her Retrograde phase in Airy Libra, where she feels right at home. Relationships take on a  lighter, more conciliatory tone, where negotiating, mediating and being more objective about matters comes to the fore.

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