New Moon in Libra – Relationship balance and reworking


October’s New Moon falls at 15 degrees and 48 minutes of the sign of Libra, on 9 October 2018 at 2:46 pm, Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time or AEDT. In other parts of the world, it falls on 8 October at 8:46 pm in Los Angeles, 8 October at 11:46 pm in New York, and on 9 October at 4:46 am in London.

New Moons are time to set a new intention for the new emotional cycle ahead. This New Moon is a time to set new intentions around creating harmony and balance in one-to-one relationships. This may include co-operating, negotiating, giving and receiving support, and/or generally finding ways of being diplomatic and refined in our partnerships, marriages and teams. It is also a good time to deal with any codependency issues.

Venus retrograde:

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, so the Goddess of Love is the ruler of this New Moon. Venus is associated with ­­love and affection, partnerships, marriages and unions or emotional contracts, art, aesthetics, beauty, appreciation, sensuality, money, our sense of values, and pleasure (Venus co-rule the sign of Taurus).

As part of any new beginning, this New Moon also involves revisiting and reworking relationship issues of the past, possibly resolving issues with past lovers, since Venus is currently moving Retrograde in deep, private Scorpio until 16 November 2018 as part of her 18 month retrograde cycle. Venus previously transited Libra and Scorpio in her retrograde phase in October and November 2010 – think back to this time and some of these themes may be again up for review or echoed now. Please see Venus retrograde blog post here:

People born on the day of the New Moon or 3 days either side could have a new beginning in their lives this year.

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