Full Moon in Aquarius 15 August 2019 – first among equals


The Full Moon this month occurs on Thursday 15 August 2019, with the Moon at 22°24′ Aquarius and the Sun in the opposite sign of Leo at 22°24′, which is exact at 10:29 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) (see chart below). It is exact in Los Angeles at 5.29 am (PDT), in New York at 8:29 am (EDT) and in London at 1:29 pm (BST).

The Full Moon is a time of culmination and the peak of the Sun/Moon cycle, and is a good time to see fruition from the seeds planted at the time of the Leo New Moon, which occurred on 31 July/1 August 2019. Full Moons are also cycles of completion, culmination or closure.

Leo and Aquarius both have a Fixed quality or mode, signifying the middle of the seasons. Fixed energy is steadfast; these signs are routine, regular and have a sense of pattern. With Leo, think of a fire burning unwaveringly in the hearth. Leo is also associated with the Fire element concerning warmth, enthusiasm, optimism and inspiration. Some keywords for Leo include: creative­, playful, joyful, loyal, proud, generous, warm-hearted, dramatic, confident and self-expressive.

Leo is concerned with the self, or ego, whereas Aquarius is associated with collective concerns, being idealistic, detached and promoting equality and fairness between all humanity. Aquarians may have a fixity of ideas, being an Air sign; connected with relating and the mental and intellectual functions. Aquarius is associated with groups, the collective, freely, sharing opinions and ideas, making social links and networking, friendships, and having a humanistic philosophy on life. Being revolutionary, eccentric and freedom-loving are also connected with the sign of Aquarius.

The Leo Sun is conjunct relationship-oriented Venus, opposing the Moon in society-oriented and humanitarian Aquarius. Endings may occur in the areas of friendships and groups or social networks, and involve an emotional (Moon) connection to our value system (Venus). There could also be a polarisation in relation to those in leadership positions (Leo) about what is just for all (Aquarius).

We may also need to strike out and detach from the herd, demonstrating our individuality (Aquarius) and ‘shine a light’ on, or be proud of, our own creative self-expression (Leo).

Where does the full moon fall in your chart:

Across your 1st and 7th houses – this is the area of self and partnerships. These areas will be emotionally illuminated and there may be an ending or resolution. This may concern issues of balance and compromise between yourself and a significant other. Make sure you look after your own needs.

Across your 2nd and 8th houses – this is the area of money, joint monies and material resources. These areas will be emotionally illuminated and there may be an ending or resolution in the area of income, debt, joint property, loans or spending.

Across your 3rd and 9th houses – this is the area of higher learning, studying and communicating. These areas will be emotionally illuminated and there may be an ending or resolution here. There may also be an upgrade of communication devices or technology.

Across your 4th and 10th houses. – this is the area of home, family and security. These areas will be emotionally illuminated and it may be that something needs to change. There could be a move of home or workplace, or there could be a family issue to deal with.

Across your 5th and 11th houses – this is the area of children, play, romance, self-expression, pleasure, friends, networks and groups. These areas will be emotionally highlighted and maybe a risk will be taken.

Across your 6th and 12th houses – this is the area of daily routines, health, work and service. You may want to change your diet and exercise program. Any happenings at your workplace, especially with colleagues, will be emotionally illuminated. You may need to find a place of retreat to regroup.

The next lunation is a new moon in Virgo on 30 August 2019.

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