Full Moon in Sagittarius 17 June 2019 – a learning adventure


The Full Moon this month occurs on Monday 17 June 2019, with the Moon at 25°53′ Sagittarius and the Sun in the opposite sign of Gemini at 25°53′, which is exact at 6:31 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). It is exact in Los Angeles at 1.31 am (PDT), in New York at 4:31 am (EDT) and in London at 9:31 am (BST).

The Full Moon is a time of culmination and the peak of the Sun/Moon cycle, and is a good time to see fruition from the seeds planted at the time of the Gemini New Moon, which occurred on 3 June 2019. Full Moons are also cycles of completion, culmination or closure.

Sagittarius and Gemini sign meaning:

The sign of Sagittarius has a Mutable quality or mode. The Mutable modality signifies the end of the seasons, when the weather is more in flux, and represents flexibility, versatility and changeability. With the Moon in Sagittarius, imagine the instinctual need to be on the move in some way, either physically or mentally. Sagittarius is also one of the signs associated with the Fire Element concerning enthusiasm, inspiration, warmth, passion and intuition. Some keywords for Sagittarius include; adventurous, freedom-loving, philosophical, outgoing and restless.

Sagittarians can also be exuberant, open-minded, have an interest in higher learning, be visionary and also explorers seeking meaning, growth and improvement. They also focus on the future and broadening their horizons through journeys.

The opposite sign of Gemini also has a Mutable quality. Gemini however is associated with the Air element concerning the rational mind, sharing ideas, knowledge, communication, logic and speech. Some keywords for Gemini include; ­intellectual, networking, being quick-witted and adaptable. Gemini Suns may be avid talkers, have strong mental abilities and enjoy social interactions with others. They are often curious, enjoy collecting many pieces of information and generally know lots of things about lots of things!

Sagittarius and its polarity Gemini share an affinity with education, knowledge, teaching, learning and understanding. However whereas Gemini is concerned with short distance travel, more primary learning and facts, Sagittarius represents longer journeys, both literally and metaphorically, and with developing wisdom though meaning.

Ruler of the lunation, larger than life Jupiter:

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, which is in its home sign of Sagittarius until 2/3 December 2019. Jupiter represents faith, trust, opportunity, abundance, luck, confidence, courage, wisdom, our quest for meaning and generosity. The need for expansion can however lead to excess, exaggeration, over-indulgence and risk-taking, and the possibility of falling prey to illusions and squandering resources, so be restrained and mindful not to go overboard at this time.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury is associated with communication, speech, language, writing, connecting with others, transport, siblings, being light-hearted and intelligent. Communications take on a more sensitive and emotional hue as the winged messenger is in the sign of Cancer at the time of this Full Moon.

Mercury retrograde coming up in July 2019:

Mercury also turns Retrograde next month on 7 July until 1 August 2019. This will be a good time to review communications and correspondences, reconnect with siblings, back up the computer and get the car serviced. If signing any contracts during this period, please read the fine print carefully.

The next lunation is a New Moon in Cancer on 2/3 July 2019 – an intense total Solar Eclipse.

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Full Moon Gemini June 2019
Full Moon in Sagittarius 17 June 2019


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