Full Moon in Scorpio 18/19 May 2019 – surprise endings

The Full Moon this month occurs on Sunday 19 May 2019, with the Moon at 27°38′ Scorpio and the Sun in the opposite sign of Taurus at 27°38′, which is exact at 7:11 am Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST/Sydney time).

On Saturday 18 May 2019 it is exact in Los Angeles at 2.11 pm (PDT), in New York at 5:11 pm (EDT) and in London at 10:11 pm (BST).

The Moon in the Fixed Water sign of Scorpio signifies deep, private, emotional sensitivity and insight, where intense and powerful passions can emerge from the unconscious during this time. Scorpio opposes the Fixed Earth sign of Taurus, sharing themes of possession, attachment and desire, only Scorpio demonstrates these issues emotionally (Water) rather than materially (Earthy Taurus). The Moon in Scorpio therefore wants to reveal or bring to light what has been buried in the dark.

Venus conjunct Uranus

At the time of this Full Moon, the planetary ruler of Taurus, Venus, representing values, money and worth, is at 3 degrees of Taurus, in one of her home signs, and exactly conjunct the planet of surprise, Uranus. Breakdowns, breakthroughs, breaking out of chains, liberation, disruptions, and a change in values, relationships and finances are all on the agenda as the Full Moon dredges up feelings which are denied, buried or repressed for release.

Australian Federal Election

Since we have the Australian Federal Election this Saturday, both Taurean leaders, Liberal Scott Morrison (13/05/1968) and Labor’s Bill Shorten (12/05/1967) will be locking horns over very different value systems, especially on economic issues(Taurus). We don’t have an accurate birth time for either leader which makes it difficult to obtain an accurate analysis or predict a more certain outcome. However change is definitely in the wind. Maybe a woman (Venus) will be the wildcard in the mix, or an unexpected upset(s) will win the day. The passing on last night of former Labor Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, may also be the catalyst to sway some voter’s intentions.

The next lunation is a New Moon on 3 June 2019 in the sign of Gemini.

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