Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius – 16/17 November 2018


Winged Messenger planet Mercury, Greek God Hermes, also known as the ‘Trickster’ planet, goes retrograde for the third and final time this year on either 16 or 17 November 2018, depending on where you live, at 13 degrees and 29 minutes of the sign of Sagittarius. It goes direct again after three weeks in retrograde on either 6 or 7 December 2018 at 27 degrees and 16 minutes of the sign of Scorpio.

Mercury rules communication, speech, language and writing. It also rules the mind – quick-thinking, learning and the expression of ideas, data gathering and making connections. Mercury likes to network and bring people or ideas together, being rational, fun, curious and witty. It also rules siblings and twins (ruling the sign of Gemini) and utilising information in a practical and efficient way (also ruling the sign of Virgo).

The sign of Sagittarius has a desire to see the bigger picture and to find the broader meaning in things, and is associated with philosophies, religion and higher education; all those areas which allow us to widen our perspective and horizons in life’s bigger context.

Mercury is in its sign of Detriment in Sagittarius, where it does not feel at home, as Sagittarius opposes the sign of Gemini. The Gemini world of primary learning, facts and information are at odds with the loftier metaphorical journeys of Sagittarius where we also gain wisdom through meaning.

During the time of Mercury’s retrograde phase, it is a good time to rethink, reflect, review and go over old ground where our ideas and thought patterns are concerned. There may also be instances of communication systems going haywire – computers, phones, mail, and getting the wrong impression or information may arise. Staying flexible and reading any fine print can help.

Further, Mercury also makes a tense square aspect to dreamy, idealistic, spiritual planet Neptune in its home sign of Pisces at the start of its retrograde period, reinforcing the theme of factual information not being accurate or logical at this time. A useful way to use this energy would be to find the inspiration to meditate, imagine, create and seek the divine.

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