New Moon in Scorpio – Start by letting go


November’s New Moon falls at 15°11′ of the sign of Scorpio, on 8 November 2018 at 3:02 am, Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time or AEDT. In other parts of the world, it falls on 7 November 2018 at 8:02 am in Los Angeles, 7 November at 11:02 am in New York, and on 7 November at 4:02 pm in London.

New Moons are when the Sun and the Moon come together in the sky, and a time to set a new intention for the new emotional cycle ahead. The New Moon in Scorpio concerns transformation through emotional mastery. Let go and allow any necessary changes to occur, making way for the new to come in. Every ending is a new beginning. Issues around sex, soulmate relationships, financial partnerships and power struggles are all area(s) we may need to focus on to assist us in making any necessary shifts and to set new goals in the process.

The sign of Scorpio has a Fixed quality or mode, with this modality signifying the middle of the seasons (Spring in the Southern hemisphere). Fixed energy is steadfast, routine-oriented, regular and have a sense of pattern. With Scorpio, imagine unabiding emotional depth and loyalty.

Scorpio is also one of the signs which is also associated with the Water Element, which concerns feelings and emotions, instinct and sensitivity. Some keywords for Scorpio include: passion, resourcefulness and power. Scorpions can also be determined, having staying power and strength of will, however they may wish for complete transformation, which can occur through crisis. Scorpions may also be secretive, jealous and possessive, be unforgiving and seek revenge – having a “sting in the tail.”

Jupiter enters the sign of Sagittarius soon after this New Moon, leaving Scorpio after his 13 month transit. During the last year we have had the truth revealed regarding inappropriate sexual conduct towards women by notable actors, and the exposure of other abuses by people in power, for instance in the banking, insurance and superannuation sector with the banking Royal Commission commencing in Australia. For more on Jupiter in Sagittarius please see this link:


New Moon trine Neptune:

This New Moon makes a harmonious aspect to Neptune in Pisces. This energy offers extra sensitivity and compassion towards others, and heightens creative imagination and more willingness to connect with Spirit. Pay attention to your dreams and intuitive hunches. We may also wish to help and heal others more, or exercise forgiveness, realising we are all connected in universal oneness.

People born on 8/9 November in any year or 5 days either side may have a significant new beginning over the next 12 months.

The next lunation is the Full Moon in Gemini on 22/23 November 2018.

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