New Moon in Taurus 4/5 May 2019 – Stop and smell the roses


May’s New Moon falls at 14°10′ of the sign of Taurus, on 5 May 2019 at 8:45 am in Sydney, Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). In other parts of the world, it falls on 4 May at 3:45 pm in Los Angeles, 4 May at 6:45 pm in New York, and on 4 May at 11:45 pm in London.

New Moons are a time when the Sun and the Moon come together (a conjunction) in the sky, and a time to set an intention for the new emotional cycle ahead. The New Moon is in Taurus, the first Earth sign of the zodiac, and the first sign of the Fixed modality.

The Fixed modality signifies the middle of the seasons, with the Fixed energy sustaining and preserving that which is initiated in the Cardinal phase. The Earth element represents stability, predictability, groundedness and practicality.

Some keywords for Taurus include: patience, steadfastness, reliability, sensuality and self-indulgence. Taureans can be resilient, even stubborn and inflexible, cautious, methodical, deliberate, and enjoy the comforts of life.

Affirmations around sensual pleasure, contentment, material comforts, perseverance, worth and value – including money and self-worth, and contentment are areas to focus on when setting your intention for this New Moon.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus (which co-rules Libra), and is associated with ­­love, partnerships, beauty, sensuality, money, values and pleasure. At this New Moon, Venus is in the Firey sign of Aries, where the pace of Venusian pursuits may speed up. Venus is also moving towards a tense square aspect to Saturn in Capricorn, indicating we need to move more steadily towards our goals, which can be frustrating.

This is also the first Taurus New Moon with change agent Uranus making his way through the sign, disrupting the affairs of the house area it falls in. The key is to be flexible in relation to your plans.

Where does this New Moon fall in your chart:

1st house: A new self-image and being more serious when reaching out into the world. Increased self-sufficiency and independence.

2nd house: Managing physical resources more conservatively, frugality when purchasing material items, spending money on things that are practical. Learning about our innate skills and talents, and what is of value to us.

3rd house: Being more reserved about our ideas, the way we think, our communication patterns. Taking a course which could lead to a career, changes in neighbourhood and more short trips due to work commitments, contraction in a sibling relationship.

4th house: Home – downsizing the home environment, renovations, need for tradition, and a secure place to belong.

5th house: Turning a hobby or area of creative self-expression into a career, becoming more responsible for children, teaching children, committing to taking courses in art, drama.

6th house: More responsibility in day-to-day work and routines, fewer colleagues in your team. Health – could be related to structures in our body – teeth, bones.

7th house: More commitment in relationships. If single, possibility of a new relationship with an older, more mature person.

8th house: Guardedness in emotional intimacy. Issues may arise around the areas of death, inheritances, wills, legal issues with joint property or other shared resources.

9th house: Travel or move overseas for career, higher learning (university, religion, philosophies) to improve status and position.

10th house: Promotion in career and social position, more authority and leadership, new career move, improved public standing, productivity in your vocation. Workplace may contract – closure of office branches for example.

11th house: Increased duties as part of a group or community. Friendships and your social circle may decrease in size, become more autocrat, controlled or ordered.

12th house: Structure connections with the inner self. Start a meditation routine, study tarot or the metaphysical realm. Resolve ancestral issues.

The next lunation is a Full Moon in Scorpio on 18 May 2019.

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