Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer 2/3 July 2019 – caring connections


We are in the second eclipse season of 2019 with the New Moon and powerful Total Solar Eclipse occurring this month. July’s New Moon falls at 10°37′ of the sign of Cancer, on either 2 or 3 July 2019, depending where in the world you live (see chart below). It occurs on 3 July at 5:16 am in Sydney. In other parts of the world, it falls on 2 July at 12:16 pm in Los Angeles, 3:16 pm in New York, and at 8:16 pm in London.

New Moons are a time when the Sun and the Moon come together (called a ‘conjunction’) in the sky, and a time to set a new intention for the new emotional cycle ahead. A Solar Eclipse is an intensified New Moon. The Moon (unconscious) blocks the face of the Sun (consciousness) for a brief period, allowing that which is buried, repressed or denied in the psyche to rise up for resolution. If something does come up, it is likely to be dramatic; eclipses are known as ‘wildcards.’ Eclipse seasons last for around 6 months, with the next Solar Eclipse falling on 26 December 2019.

Cardinal quality:

Cancer has a Cardinal quality (or mode). This modality signifies the changes of the seasons, with the Sun’s entry into Cancer heralding Winter in the Southern Hemisphere. The Sun stays in Cancer from approximately 22 June to 22 July each year. Cardinal energy is initiatory, representing action-oriented fresh starts and “getting new things going.” Cancer is also one of the signs which is associated with the Water element concerning feelings and emotions, instinct and sensitivity. Some keywords for Cancer include: caring, nurturing, protective, receptive and tenacious.

This Eclipse may usher in a new start in the family and fostering emotional ties within the home, finding where you belong and where you feel safe and secure – the “shell” we can return to after a long day out. The downside of the sign of Cancer is being moody, touchy, clingy and smothering, and feeling the sentimental need to hang on to, not only family momentos, but the past. Crabs like to, “cling on.”

Bodily rulerships:

In the body, Cancer rules the breasts (motherhood) and stomach (nourishment). The Moon rules food, and the stomach and the breasts are connected with being fed and with feeding, the taking in and the giving out of nourishment. The Moon also rules the fluids in the body and the lymphatic system, as well as the body’s containers, such as the stomach and breasts (again), as well as the womb and the bladder.

The Moon as ruler of the Eclipse:

This eclipse is ruled by the Moon in Cancer, the ruler of the sign, thereby making it more potent. The Moon isn’t a planet per se, but a “light” or Luminary like the Sun (even though it has no light of its own but reflects the Sun’s light), and is the Earth’s satellite. The Moon is also associated with our heritage and ancestry, mother, basic needs, caretaking, food, feeding and the rhythms and tides.

People born on 2/3 July or 5 days either side in any year could have a significant new beginning this year.

Where does this eclipse fall in your birth chart:

Where this total Solar Eclipse falls in your chart by house (area of life) will indicate the area where there may be a new beginning for you over the next 6 months:

1st house: A new self-image and being more sensitive and caring when reaching out into the world.

2nd house: Spending money on family, and things that are sentimental.

3rd house: New communication patterns with a sibling. Taking a genealogy course, more short trips due to visit family.

4th house: New home environment, renovations, a need for tradition and a secure place to belong.

5th house: Nurturing and caring for children, emotionally connecting with a new romantic partner.

6th house: New emotional connections with colleagues. Health issues – could be related to containers in our body – eg stomach, womb.

7th house: If single, possibility of a new relationship with a caring, protective new partner.

8th house: New expression in emotional intimacy. Issues may arise around the areas of a family death, inheritances, wills, legal issues with family property or other shared resources.

9th house: Long distance travel or a move overseas for family reasons.

10th house: New beginning with a parent or other authority figure, new career move with a family member.

11th house: New caring connections within a group or community. Friendships and your social circle may become more nurturing.

12th house: Caring connections with the inner self. Start a meditation routine, study tarot or the metaphysical realm. Start an investigation into ancestral issues.

The next Lunation is a Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on 16/17 July 2019.

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Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer 2/3 July 2019


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