Jupiter and Saturn at 29 degrees of Capricorn – the ‘anaretic’ degree


A planet found at the final degree of a sign (ie from 29°-30°) it is said to be in the ‘anaretic’ or ‘fated’ degree. This is a crisis point where the planetary energy is wrapping up in a sign (unless the planet is Retrograde).

The 29th degree is also said to be a powerful and ‘critical’ degree as it represents the last opportunity for the sign to express that energy. The energy has a heightened emphasis, being on the cusp, and the ‘last gasp’ of that planet’s expression before transitioning into the next sign. The extremes of that sign are also likely to become more apparent.

The 29th degree is significant in the birth chart, and also by transit, as we are currently witnessing with Jupiter and Saturn.

Jupiter will be culminating at 29° of Capricorn, the sign of his Fall or debilitation, from 15-20 December 2020, whilst Saturn will be culminating at 29° of Capricorn, the sign of his Dignity, from 7-17 December 2020.

In our collective cycle, this 29° energy could become more intense as these two social planets transition from Capricorn into the following sign of Aquarius. We are ‘on the edge’ and things are definitely shifting and changing, peaking and gaining completion. 

For Jupiter, critical situations could occur regarding our cultural awareness, although past views may create discrimination. Our belief systems, knowledge and methods of understanding the world are ending to create way for something new. Moral and ethical dilemmas can also arise. Adopting an open mind and a broad, long term vision is needed to obtain optimum wellbeing. 

For Saturn, critical situations could come to the fore regarding political and professional matters. Serious responsibilities, potentially relating to older people or people in positions of authority and power can arise. Accepting limitations, planning and organising affairs in a patient, disciplined and practical way to enable security and stability are possible. 

The meaning of the planets Jupiter and Saturn:


Jupiter is known as the ‘greater benefic,’ and symbolises expansion, wisdom, education, abundance, growth, opportunity, travel, truth, ethical values, the search for meaning and generally, ‘good luck.’ He is ‘affirming’ according to traditional astrology.


Saturn is antithetical to Jupiter, he is the ‘greater malefic’ and rules constraint, constriction, restriction and contraction. It is associated with structure, hierarchy, boundaries, limits, discipline and time; he is known as ‘Father Time.’ For the ancients, Saturn was literally ‘the end of the line;’ the last of the visible planets. He rules closure, maturity, responsibility, authority, commitment, order, duty and our material reality. He is the reality check, and he does his work slowly so we can learn lessons and mature. He is ‘negating’ in traditional astrology.

The meanings of Capricorn and Aquarius:

The sign of Capricorn:

Earth Element

Earth is solid, reliable, stable, consistent, grounded, steadfast and practical. There is a focus on material security, land and its resources, and can be resistant to change.

Capricorn is one of the signs associated with the Earth element of groundedness and practicality. It is connected with being serious, conservative, traditional, mature and organised. Capricorn is connected with worldly ambition, responsibility, discipline, realism, patience and order. It also concerns being rigid, cautious, fearful, inhibited, cold and too focussed on materialism. At a broader level it rules governments, hierarchy, and large corporations and institutions.

The sign of Aquarius

Air Element

Air is the exchange of information, ideas, concepts, thinking, writing, talking, understanding, processing data, and mobility.

Aquarius is an Air sign, and one of equal relationship. It is therefore social, intellectual, inventive and emotionally detached. Like-minded people seek to have and maintain connection with a group regarding ideas, being politically active and even dogmatic about knowledge, and finding causes and means to communicate within the group. Aquarius is society-oriented and rules our community, the collective, friendship, group consciousness, humanitarianism, our mental functions and intellectual pursuits. It is the sign which allows us to stand back and examine things objectively from a cooler or more detached stance.

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