Jupiter in Capricorn – December 2019-2020 – the party’s over


From 3 December 2019 until 20 December 2020 the biggest planet in the Solar System, Jupiter, will transit the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn, the sign of his ‘Fall,’ where the expression of his energies are weakened. Jupiter spends approximately one year in each sign in his 11.86 year sojourn around the zodiac.

The planet Jupiter:

Jupiter is known as, ‘the greater benefic,’ ruling the principles of expansion, wisdom, education, abundance, growth, opportunity, travel, truth, ethical values, the search for meaning and generally, ‘good luck.’

Whilst Jupiter has been transiting his home or ruling sign of Sagittarius, we may have felt more optimistic and confident, attracting increased prosperity and good fortune. This however can spill over into over-optimism, exaggeration and excess.  Too much of anything cannot be good for you. Think of drinking too much alcohol and waking up with a hangover. Incidentally, Jupiter governs the liver – the body’s largest organ.

The bubble is about to burst as he enters the sobering sign of Capricorn.

The sign of Capricorn:

Capricorn is the sign associated with structure, organisation, practicality, worldly ambition, responsibility, discipline, realism, patience and order. It also concerns being rigid, cautious, fearful, inhibited, cold and too focussed on materialism. Whilst Jupiter rules expansion, Capricorn is contractive, ruled by Saturn, which maintains boundaries and limits, having a restrictive element. The spreading of Jupiter’s lofty wings over ever-widening horizons will be clipped in the frugal sign of Capricorn where excess needs to be regulated and minimised.

Jupiter in Capricorn 2007-2009:

The last time Jupiter transited the sign of Capricorn was from 19 December 2007 until 6 January 2009, during the time of the Global Financial Crisis when there was extreme stress in global financial markets and banking systems. This upcoming cycle too could see the bursting of the debt bubble as people have over-leveraged and private debt is at an all time high. If you can pay down any debt, this will be a good insulator as the global economy could very well again contract.

Any growth and expansion while Jupiter is in Capricorn will come from being deliberate, prudent, industrious and pragmatic.

What house (area of life) will Jupiter transit for you: 

1st house: Expansion and new understanding about ourselves, cautious new ways of reaching out into the world. Practical new goals, self-image – losing weight.

2nd house: Expand our physical resources, growth in material items. Spending money on things we believe in, what brings us meaning. Spending and learning about our practical innate skills and talents, what is of value to us.

3rd house: Growth in understanding of our ideas, the way we think, our communication patterns, taking a course, changes in neighbourhood, growth in a sibling relationship through practical communication.

4th house: Home – working on improving or beautifying the home environment, renovations, growth in our feelings of safety, security, searching and exploring where we belong.

5th house: Expanding creative self-expression, children, pregnancy, teaching children, taking courses in art, drama. Broaden your creative horizons in a disciplined way.

6th house: Growth in day-to-day work and routines through striving. Smaller office, less colleagues in your team. Health – search for meaning about our health, taking a course on bettering health, naturopathy, yoga etc

7th house: More meaning in relationships, expanding them. If single, possibility of a new relationship. Travelling or studying with our partner.

8th house: Meaning, depth and truth of emotional intimacy. Beliefs, ethics, morals – issues may arise. Death, inheritances, wills, legal issues, property.

9th house: Travel or move overseas, higher learning at university or other tertiary level, explore foreign lands, search for meaning.

10th house: Accomplishment in career, new career move, expansion in public standing, finding hope and a new sense of meaning in your vocation – workplace may expand (or contract) – new (or closure of) branches.

11th house: Becoming more part of a group, or part of the community. Friendships and social circle may expand, become more meaningful. Explore more of yourself and take opportunities with like-minded people.

12th house: Reflective time of finding meaning by connecting with the inner self. Meditate, study tarot, metaphysical realm. Explore ancestry.

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