Lunar Eclipse in Cancer 10/11 January 2020 – balancing home and work


The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse this month occurs either on Friday 10 January 2020 or Saturday 11 January 2020, depending on where you live. The Moon is at 20°00′ of the emotionally sensitive, watery sign of Cancer and the Sun is in the opposite sign of achievement-oriented, earthy Capricorn at 20°00′.

The Eclipse is exact at 6:21 am on 11 January 2020 in Sydney, Australia (see chart below). In Los Angeles it is exact on 10 January at 11:21 am, in New York on 10 January at 2:21 pm, and in London again on 10 January at 7:21 pm.

The Full Moon is a culmination, completion and closure phase, with an eclipse being an intensified Full Moon. Have a look at what house axis (below) the Full Moon eclipse falls in in your chart to see where there may need to be an ending, or what may be coming to fruition for you.

This is a particularly emotional Full Moon since the Moon is in her home sign of Cancer (in Dignity). If you have planets or angles between around 17-23° of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn) you may feel the effects of this Lunar Eclipse more intensely.

Cancer is the sign of “home and hearth”, our roots – both our family and psychological heritage, nurturing, protecting, caretaking and emotional security. Capricorn is the sign of structure, order, practicalities, boundaries, ambition and material security. This may be a time to illuminate issues around your security needs, redressing the balance between your personal home life and your more public career if necessary. This may include placing limits and boundaries between the areas of family and work. You may also consider basing your ambitions and status on a foundation of solid emotional security. The Full Moon Eclipse is a time for releasing and finalising that which is no longer necessary. Consider also what may be coming to an end emotionally in your life.

Moon opposite stellium in Capricorn

At the time of this Eclipse, the Moon opposes a heavy Sun-Mercury-Saturn-Pluto quadruple conjunction in Capricorn. The Sun and Mercury are partile (at the exact same degree), bringing in awareness of serious issues around communication, learning, speaking, the mind and siblings. The Saturn component highlights the area of leadership, authority, responsibility, work, career, government, structure and corporations, while the Saturn-Pluto conjunction represents a transformational change in hierarchical power and control structures, especially at a collective level. We are in a time of epochal change as Saturn and Pluto only come together once every 35 or so years (more in the next post on the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, exact on 12 January 2020).

Uranus stations direct

Uranus will be stationary at the time of the Eclipse, but then goes direct around 6 hours after (12:47 pm Sydney time), at 2°39′ of the sign of predictable Taurus. The station intensifies the energy of Uranus, and throws another ‘wildcard’ into the mix, since Eclipses can bring up sudden and unexpected change, as can Uranus; planet of rebellion, disruption and independence.

Where does the Full Moon fall in your chart, affecting the following areas of life (Houses):

1-7 House axis – Relationships – the self and other; “I” and “we”

2-8 House axis – Resources – personal values, material goods, material possessions and security, plus shared resources and possessions, emotional intimacy, and transformation

3-9 House axis – The mind – communication, language, facts, siblings, short journeys, and beliefs, philosophies, higher education, long journeys, teaching

4-10 House axis – Parents – home, roots, past, heritage, family, parents, foundations, and vocation, status, authority, career

5-11 House axis – Creativity, recreation, children, play, pleasure, romance, self-expression, and community, groups, friendships, shared goals, projects, social reform and allies

6-12 House axis – Service work – everyday life, health, craft, daily routines and rituals, colleagues, pets, and surrender, retreat, the mystical, institutions, the unconscious.

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