Lunar eclipse in Gemini 30 November 2020 – curiouser and curiouser


It is eclipse season again and this full moon Penumbral lunar eclipse (see chart below) falls at 08° 37′ of Gemini on 30 November 2020 marking the beginning of the second and final eclipse season for 2020. The Sun is directly opposite the Moon at 08° 37′ of Sagittarius. It is exact at 8:43 pm in Sydney, Australia. Please adjust for your timezone. The eclipse will be visible from Australia, Europe, Asia, and North and South America. 

The full moon is a culmination, completion and closure phase, with an eclipse being an intensified Full Moon. Have a look at what house axis (below) the Full Moon falls in in your chart to see where there may need to be an ending, or what may be illuminated and/or coming to fruition for you. Eclipses are in effect for 6 months, so the resolution may eventuate anytime from 30 November 2020 until 26 May 2021 when we have a total lunar eclipse. 

With the eclipse rulers Mercury and Jupiter making a positive 60° sextile aspect we will be broadening our minds through being inquisitive, keen to discover the answers and to explore widely and learn. Adopt a broad vision, think big and plan your future.

Neptune is stationing direct and squares the Nodal Axis at the time of this eclipse. This is a time to tap into your spirituality through meditation and other esoteric practices, and to use your imagination to visualise and manifest your dreams and ideals. Let go of the comfortable past and dream a better future.

Anyone born with personal planets and angles at around 4 to 12 degrees of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) will be most affected by this eclipse. Eclipses come in pairs. The next lunation is a total solar eclipse on 14 December 2020 at 23°06′ of the sign of Sagittarius.

Gemini, “the Twins”:

Gemini is a sign associated with the Air element concerning the rational mind, sharing ideas, communication, logic and speech. Gemini includes being intellectual, networking, quick-witted and adaptable. Gemini is also associated with avid talking, strong mental abilities, and enjoying social interactions. Endlessly curious, collecting many pieces of information and generally knowing lots of things about lots of things are also connected with Gemini. Gemini has a Mutable quality. The Mutable energy represents flexibility, versatility and changeability.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury is associated again with communication, and with speech, language, writing, connecting with others, transport, siblings, being light-hearted and intelligent.

Sagittarius, “the Archer”:

Sagittarius is a sign associated with the Fire Element concerning enthusiasm, inspiration, warmth, passion and intuition. Sagittarius includes being adventurous, freedom-loving, philosophical, outgoing and restless. Sagittarius also has a focus on being exuberant, open-minded, seeking higher learning, being visionary and explorers questing for meaning, growth and improvement, plus a focus on the future and broadening horizons through journeys. Sagittarius too has a Mutable quality or mode. With Sagittarius, imagine the need to be on the move in some way, either physically or mentally.

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Jupiter represents faith, trust, opportunity, abundance, luck, confidence, courage, wisdom, our quest for meaning and generosity. The need for expansion can however lead to excess, exaggeration, over-indulgence and risk-taking.

What area of life (House) does this Full Moon fall in in your chart:

Across your 1st and 7th houses this is the area of self and partnerships. These areas will be emotionally illuminated and there may be an ending or resolution. This may concern issues of balance and compromise between yourself and a significant other. Make sure you look after your own needs.

Across your 2nd and 8th houses – this is the area of money, joint monies and material resources. These areas will be emotionally illuminated and there may be an ending or resolution in the area of income, debt, joint property, loans or spending.

Across your 3rd and 9th houses – this is the area of higher learning and communicating. These areas will be emotionally illuminated and there may be an ending or resolution here. There may also be an upgrade of communication devices or technology.

Across your 4th and 10th houses – this is the area of home, family and security. These areas will be emotionally illuminated and it may be that something needs to change. There could be a move of home or workplace, or there could be a family issue to deal with.

Across your 5th and 11th houses – this is the area of children, play, romance, self-expression, pleasure, friends, networks and groups. These areas will be emotionally highlighted and a risk may be taken.

Across your 6th and 12th houses – this is the area of daily routines, health, work and service. You may want to change your diet and exercise program. Any happenings at your workplace, especially with colleagues, will be emotionally illuminated. You may need to find a place of retreat to regroup.

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