Lunar Nodes into Gemini-Sagittarius 5 May 2020 – being curious about the ‘truth’


The Lunar Nodes change signs every 18 months in their 18.6 year on average retrograde cycle through the zodiac. The nodal axis is known as a fated ‘axis of destiny’ concerning the balance and integration of the past and the future, disseminating the past and developing new experiences in our lives.

The North Node

In this evolutionary process the North Node is a move towards and a sense of intake, where we feel inspired, awake and called, the place where we develop and take in experiences, and a place where we need to be heroic in the world (given the Nodes’ connection to the Sun (and the Moon)). It is a place of destination; our destiny awakens and calls us.

The South Node

The South Node is a place where we release, it is a place of departure, either we use or disseminate it, as a gift or container of instinctual knowledge. It is a place which we understand instinctually, however to grow we need to move more towards, and more conscious of, our North Node.

At a collective level, on 5 May 2020 until 19 January 2022, the Lunar Nodes will again fall across the Gemini (North Node) and Sagittarius (South Node) axis, returning to the same place as they were back in October 2001, just after 9/11, until April 2003. With the South Node moving out of Capricorn, this will help alleviate some of the heavy, serious, sombre energy characterising the past 18 months or so, including government control relegating us to our homes (Cancer), and traditional means of security, both material (Capricorn) and emotional (Cancer).

The signs of Gemini and Sagittarius instead fall along an axis of knowledge and information (Gemini), truth and wisdom (Sagittarius).

Gemini, “the Twins”:

Gemini is a sign associated with the Air element concerning the rational mind, sharing ideas, communication, logic and speech. Gemini includes being intellectual, networking, quick-witted and adaptable. Gemini is also associated with avid talking, strong mental abilities, and enjoying social interactions. Endlessly curious, collecting many pieces of information and generally knowing lots of things about lots of things are also connected with Gemini. Gemini has a Mutable quality. The Mutable energy represents flexibility, versatility and changeability.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury is associated again with communication, and with speech, language, writing, connecting with others, transport, siblings, being light-hearted and intelligent.

Sagittarius, “the Archer”:

Sagittarius is a sign associated with the Fire Element concerning enthusiasm, inspiration, warmth, passion and intuition. Sagittarius includes being adventurous, freedom-loving, philosophical, outgoing and restless. Sagittarius also has a focus on being exuberant, open-minded, seeking higher learning, being visionary and explorers questing for meaning, growth and improvement, plus a focus on the future and broadening horizons through journeys. Sagittarius too has a Mutable quality or mode. With Sagittarius, imagine the need to be on the move in some way, either physically or mentally.

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Jupiter represents faith, trust, opportunity, abundance, luck, confidence, courage, wisdom, our quest for meaning and generosity. The need for expansion can however lead to excess, exaggeration, over-indulgence and risk-taking.

Direction for the next 18 months:

With our current wisdom, our moral, religious or philosophical ‘truth’, our adventuring and contact with foreigners (South Node in Sagittarius – the ‘big picture,’) we will be asked to develop and understand how we can use this as a departure point, to push forward, bringing movement into developing and bringing the ‘higher mind’ into everyday reality, disseminating our wisdom as messages in our mundane lives. There will be lots of communication, new ideas, curiosity, teaching, writing and sharing of knowledge in a more local or everyday way (North Node in Gemini), and a move away from using concepts in an abstract, philosophical or global way. Therefore, we will need to think more rationally and logically, without being influenced by moralising and blind faith.

We are being asked to examine where have our beliefs become distorted? Where have existing paradigms been outworn, and where do we need to shift our perception? Our beliefs may therefore fall apart, paving the way for new beliefs based on facts, rationality and logic.

Further, our neighbours and relatives, particularly siblings, and short trips will also come into sharp focus, not long distance travels and people of foreign backgrounds and cultures. International travel is currently at a standstill due to COVID-19, and will most likely not shift until Jupiter enters Aquarius (the Air sign ruling air travel) on 20 December 2020, and out of its sign of Fall, Capricorn, where his expansion has been weak and restricted since 3 December 2019. Any trips will be local and within our own neighbourhood. Saturn in Aquarius too at present and again from 17 December 2020 is placing contractions on group gatherings, air travel and the airline industry.

Ultimately, during this time we need to take up and accept the attributes of Gemini, being curious and objective, and letting go of the Sagittarian attributes, especially dogmatism and piety, that no longer serve us at either a collective or personal level.