Mars square Saturn 2020/21- rage against the machine


Mars, planet of assertion, anger and aggravation, as well as separation and severance, is residing in one of his home signs of Aries from 28 June 2020 until 7 January 2021. This is a much longer time than usual for Mars to stay in a sign (over 6 months rather than 6 weeks), as he goes Retrograde from 9/10 September until 13/14 November 2020 from 28°09′ to 15°14′ Aries.

Saturn too is in one of his home signs of Capricorn until 17/18 December 2020. He rules boundaries, restrictions, limits, tests, barriers, walls and authority figures. 

In traditional Astrology, these two planets were considered ‘malefics’ – or ‘planets that promote bad things.’

Mars is considered the ‘Lesser Malefic’ and Saturn the ‘Greater Malefic.’  

Since both Aries and Capricorn are of the Cardinal quality or mode, they both like to ‘get things’ going and initiate action. Mars is quick and hot, while Saturn is slow, cautious, dry and cold. However, besides their antithetical natures, they are making a tense sign-based square (90°), and will exactly square each other on the following days at the following degrees: 

              24 August 2020 – 26° 
              29 September 2020 – 25° – Saturn also stations direct on this day, intensifying the weight of his seriousness

              13 January 2021 – 3° (Mars in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius)

Mars, the ‘Warrior planet’ says ‘go’ and goes after what it wants – NOW. Saturn says ‘not so fast’ or ‘stop’ – being the ‘cosmic cop’ and necessitates that we more rigidly follow the rules and regulations. Due to this friction, Mars will feel irritated and frustrated if he can’t get his own way, especially during his retrograde phase. He wants to move directly forward, not backwards, but this is a time to review those area(s) of life he is is moving through and how we are acting, not acting or needing to refine our desires in some way within the confines of social structures, bureaucracies, governments and corporations, and to take our time with it. Saturn is ‘Father Time’ or Cronos. Be patient when facing challenges in the face of obstacles; when we feel like we’re ‘driving with the brakes on.’ 

We will also be tested and challenged at a collective level, where there can be more individuals fighting, or civil unrest against tradition and convention regarding current governments, the capitalist system, ‘the establishment,’ authority figures in general – whether they be fathers, bosses, or leaders including Prime Ministers/Presidents/Kings/Queens.

Remember to fight any battles using healthy assertion and proactivity rather than being ‘hot-headed’, reactive and inflammatory; take control and responsibility, be committed and self-reliant, learn lessons, persist and endure – don’t give up.

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