Meghan Markle’s horoscope – all the world’s a stage


All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances;

And one man in his time plays many parts …

(from As You Like It, William Shakespeare, 1623)


Rachel Meghan Markle, better known as Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, was born on 4 August 1981 at 4.46am in Canoga Park, California, United States (please see chart below with current transits).

Meghan has a Leo Sun and Mercury, Libra Moon, and Cancer Ascendant (or rising), making the Moon her Chart Ruler and the Sun her Ruling Planet.

Cancer rising presents the persona or mask of someone who is emotionally sensitive, caring, nurturing and protective, but can be moody and smothering.

Sun in Leo in the Second House

The Sun in Leo is Dignified or in Domicile, where he feels right at home in his kingly, regal domain. Leo is a Fixed Fire sign; highly self-expressive, creative, enthusiastic and dramatic, which is a good placement for actors and natural leaders. Meghan played paralegal Rachel Zane in the hit show Suits from 23 June 2011 until November 2017, leaving shortly before marrying Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, on 19 May 2018.

Meghan’s Sun falls in her Second House of values, finances and possessions, indicating an ability to attract money and financial success. It was reported in 2018 that her total net worth was estimated to be $5 million (while Prince Harry is reportedly currently worth $40 million from his mother’s Princess Diana’s trust funds, money inherited from the Queen Mother, plus money earned as a captain in the British Army).

Mercury in Leo in the Second House

Communication planet Mercury too is placed in Leo, in it’s Fall position. Meghan would likely also write, talk and think dramatically, and with her heart. Mercury in her Second House indicates an adeptness and dexterity in making deals with money, and the possibility of earning money through writing, speaking etc. However, her Mercury is traditionally considered to be ‘under the beams’ as it falls within 15 degrees of a conjunction with the Sun. This isn’t the best position as Mercury is considered to be obscured or overwhelmed, and that there is something is hidden or secret in relation to that planet.

Moon in Libra in the Fourth House

The Moon in Cardinal Air sign Libra is emotionally refined. While her shiny Leo Sun is more about the self and being the centre of attention, Libra’s focus is on the ‘other’ where there is a need for balance, peace, beauty, sociability, harmony and diplomacy. With 4 planets in this sign she could make a good negotiator and mediator. The Moon is also Accidentally Dignified in the Fourth House where it gains strength from being in Cancer’s natural domicile (when we start the zodiac from 0° Aries). A beautiful house, furniture, clothes and surroundings would certainly suit Meghan. It is reported that the home at Frogmore Cottage was renovated with £2.4m of taxpayer funds, as royal accounts show, which she and Harry now have to repay since stepping down as ‘senior’ royals to create a more financially independent life.

Four planets in Libra

Meghan’s Moon is however tightly conjunct her cautious Saturn, planet of discipline, authority and responsibility, and expansive Jupiter, planet of exaggeration, beliefs and meaning, both in Libra, forming a stellium. The Moon-Saturn conjunction can be control in emotional responses, having a need for structure, and also rigidity, rules and conditions in the home, and certainly not a lot of emotional warmth; in fact affection may be or may have been denied. Meghan could have had to become emotionally self-sufficient from a young age, mature too quickly, and be emotionally serious. Saturn in a night chart (Sun below the horizon) is also the most difficult planet in her chart, although in Libra, sign of its Exaltation, this can ameliorate its detrimental impact somewhat. With Jupiter in the mix it adds expansiveness to the feelings, some hope and optimism, and possibly a need for faith and a belief system.

Powerful Pluto is close by in the Fourth House too, so there could be something deep lurking in her psychological make up, maybe complex unresolved issues and inner struggles from early childhood, which can resurface in the later adult domestic or private life. Issues around manipulation or emotional control in the home may feature. On a brighter note, this placement gives strong regenerative and transformative powers, and the ability to, ‘rise from the ashes.’ As an aside, Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle Sr did not attend her marriage to Prince Harry citing health issues, although her mother Doria Ragland did attend.

Venus in Virgo in the Third House

Ruler of Libra, Venus, is in the sign of Virgo, the sign of her Fall. Venus here can be detail-oriented, fussy, discerning, clinical and analytical, especially in relationships. As this placement falls in the Third House, being charming, pleasant and compromising (Venus) in communication and in sibling relationships (Third House) falls under this exacting, even critical, influence. There are reportedly issues between Meghan and her now estranged half-sister Samantha Markle (also known as Samantha Grant) with a lot about the estrangement noted in the media. Plus, Meghan’s estranged half-brother Thomas Markle Jr has also recently stated to the press that he felt betrayed by being, ‘shoved off to the side like he don’t exist.’

Venus sextile Mars in Cancer

Meghan’s Venus makes a sextile to Mars in Cancer in her First House of personality, self-image and health. Like Venus, Mars in Cancer is also in the sign of his Fall, however is quite at home in the First House, being Accidentally Dignified in the house naturally associated with Aries. The sextile itself is generally a positive and opportune aspect between love, pleasure, money, values and romance (Venus) and action, desire and sex (Mars) however Mars in Cancer can be temperamental, moody, emotionally frustrated and even passive-aggressive in going after and getting what it wants.

Mars square Libra stellium

Mars squares the Moon-Saturn-Jupiter conjunction/stellium, increasing Meghan’s level of emotional tension and steam, especially when her will or goals are denied or blocked. Mars also rules her Midheaven and Tenth House of reputation and advancement, which has Aries on the cusp – having the drive to be independent, entrepreneurial, competitive and pioneering in her career. There is certainly a lot of Cardinal (initiatory) energy in Meghan’s chart with the line up in Libra along with her Mars in Cancer.

Third House profection year

Meghan is in a Third House profection year being 38 years of age. This activates the area of communication; speaking and writing for example, the local environment, siblings and short trips. Virgo is on the cusp of this house, making the planet Mercury the Time Lord until her next birthday. As noted, natal Mercury in Leo is not so strong, being in Fall and ‘under the beams.’ Mercury also co-rules the sign of Gemini, which rules her Twelfth House – a house of self-undoing, sickness, loss, seclusion or confinement, and also represents secret enemies. It is considered to be a house (or place) of ‘Bad Spirit’ in Hellenistic Astrology. Like Harry, this isn’t the best year for Meghan either. Read more about Harry’s chart here:

This profection year indicates there could be even more ‘bad press’ to come with Meghan’s suing of The Daily Mail and The Mail on Sundays who she alleges published stories about her which were untrue, especially claims about her relationship with her father, and in particular, The Mail‘s publishing of a private letter she sent to her father soon after marrying Prince Harry. Given the above, this legal issue may not go so well for Meghan this year.

Mercury Retrograde in 2020

Other times to watch for Meghan are when Mercury is retrograde, where revisions and reviews of communications are likely:

  • 17 February – 10 March, from 12°53′ Pisces to 28°13′ Aquarius in Meghan’s Ninth House of legal matters, long distance travel and higher education, and her Eighth House of other people’s money, inheritances and death;
  • 18 June – 12 July, from 14°46′ to 05°30′ Cancer in Meghan’s First House of self-image, the body, beginnings and health, and;
  • 14 October – 4 November, from 11°40′ Scorpio to 25°54′ Libra in Meghan’s Fifth House of children (maybe another pregnancy and brother or sister for Archie?), and Fourth House of home, family, parents and living conditions.

Saturn Pluto conjunction

The recent Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn at 22°46′ (please read more here: fell in Meghan’s Sixth House of work, daily routines, and health. There is certainly some restructuring and transformation going on in the daily work and routines area, while it also conjuncts her Capricorn Descendant at 24°17′ (not surprisingly she married someone who is associated with tradition, conservatism, status and social position). At the time of writing, Saturn is exactly conjunct her Descendant. There may be some interesting times ahead in the marriage over the next few years as Saturn and Pluto do their work tearing down whatever isn’t working for a rebuild.

For now, on the world stage, Meghan has moved from her assigned role as actor to Duchess of Sussex to …


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