New Moon in Libra 28/29 September 2019 – Balance in relationships


New Moon in Libra 28/29 September 2019 – Balance in relationships

September’s New Moon falls at 05°20′ of the sign of Libra, on 29 September 2019 at 4:27 am, Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). In other parts of the world, it falls on 28 September 2019 at 11:27 am in Los Angeles (PDT), 28 September 2019 at 2:27 pm in New York (EDT), and also on 28 September 2019 at 7:27 pm in London (BST).

New Moons are time to set a new intention for the new emotional cycle ahead. This New Moon is a time to set your intention around creating harmony and balance in one-to-one relationships, whether they be personal or business. This may include co-operating, negotiating, giving and receiving support, and/or generally finding ways of making a connection and being refined in our partnerships; including marriages and teams. Libra is the peacemaker, and as an Air sign, it objectively seeks to see the other person’s point of view, weighing things up in order to create fairness and justice. It is also a good time to deal with any codependency issues as over-appeasement for another is unhealthy.

Mercury and Venus in Libra

Communication planet Mercury, and the planetary ruler of Libra, Venus, are also in Libra at the time of this New Moon. Express your thoughts in a diplomatic way to find equality. Venus rules love, money and values, so there could be a fresh start in any of these areas too.

New Moon inconjunct Uranus in Taurus

This New Moon could also see unexpected surprises and upsets in relationships as we attempt to find a middle ground by making adjustments and compromises, since Venus also co-rules Taurus. The boundary between freedom, space, liberation and closeness may give rise to frustrations.

Venus square Pluto 

This tense aspect indicates power struggles, possessiveness and obsessiveness in not only relationships but regarding money and values as well.

Venus sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius

A brighter spot is the exact sextile (partile at 17 degrees) between the lesser and greater ‘benefics’ – Venus and Jupiter, both in their home signs , strengthening their expression. There could be an opportunity to expand our desires, or we may spend money on entertaining, travelling, and having fun generally.

People born on the day of this New Moon or 3 days either side could have a new beginning in their lives over the next 12 months. The Sun is in the sign of Libra from 23 September – 22 October each year.

Where does this New Moon fall in your chart:

1st house: A new self-image, such a new hairstyle, clothes, and beauty products.

2nd house: Managing physical resources by spending money on things that create more aesthetically pleasing surroundings. Weighing up what is of value to us.

3rd house: Weighing up our ideas, being more balanced and fair in the way we think, and being diplomatic in our communication patterns. Taking a short course, changes in neighbourhood and more short trips due to relationship commitments.

4th house: Home – beautifying the home environment, negotiations in family interactions, creating a more aesthetically pleasing space.

5th house: Valuing a new hobby, or you could take a risk and/or have fun with a new romantic partner.

6th house: New beginnings in day-to-day work and routines, harmonious relationships with colleagues. Health issues may be related to the kidneys.

7th house: A search for balance and peace in one-to-one relationships. The possibility of a new relationship with a person who values egalitarianism.

8th house: Connecting in relation to emotional intimacy. New issues and the search for equality and justice may also arise around the areas of death, inheritances, wills, taxes, and legal issues regarding joint property or other shared resources.

9th house: Making new plans to travel or move overseas for valued higher learning purposes (university, religion, philosophies).

10th house: Diplomatically networking for a new career and social position, new career move, improved public standing, planning your vocation.

11th house: New networks, new connections as part of a group or community, or in your friendships and social circle.

12th house: Commune and connect with your inner self. Start a peaceful meditation routine, study tarot or the metaphysical realm.

The next lunation is a Full Moon in Aries on 14 October 2019.

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