New Moon in Virgo – 9/10 September 2018 – opportunities for work and study

The New Moon this month occurs at 4:01 am (Australian Eastern Standard Time/Sydney time) on Monday 10 September 2018 with the Sun and Moon coming together at 17°00′ of Virgo. In Los Angeles, the New Moon is occurring on 9 September at 11:01 am, in New York, on 9 September at 2:01 pm and in London, 9 September at 7:01 pm.

The New Moon is a time start new projects and to take action. Since this New Moon takes place in the analytical, discriminating, detail-oriented and health-conscious sign of Virgo, it may be time to set new goals around your daily routines. This may include making healthier and more productive and skilful choices in your day-to-day work, diet and exercise. If your birthday falls on this day or 5 days either side, then there could be an important new beginning in store for you over the coming year.

New Moon sextile Jupiter and trine Pluto:

This New Moon sextiles Jupiter, planet of good fortune. This aspect can bring new opportunities, vision and expansion to your goals. We may seek to broaden our horizons in terms of higher education, exploring philosophies and growing by moving further afield, which may include long-distance travel. Have faith and trust that your plans will work out. The New Moon also trines powerful Pluto, giving us the intensity, focus and drive to achieve our goals. Success is ours if we are willing to do the research, dig deep, uncover and expose any secrets and lies, and act in line with social mores and ethics.  

New Moon opposite Neptune:

Neptune, planet of illusion, delusion, imagination and spirituality is currently transiting Virgo’s opposite sign, Pisces, its home sign (in Dignity) therefore strengthening its position. This New Moon opposes Neptune at 15 degrees of the sign.

From 2011 until 2026 people with personal planets in Virgo will feel the effects of this transit as Neptune moves within a 5 degree orb of their natal planets. If Neptune opposes your Sun this year, your ego and identity is being dissolved, and you may become more sensitive to the development of, and surrendering to, your spiritual purpose. You may feel more idealistic than usual, be deceived by others, or experience self-deception. You may also feel either confused or inspired, with the lines of precision and orderliness blurring at times, experiencing impracticality. This is a good time to surrender to a higher reality, learn to meditate, tap into your intuition and trust it. Your body may become more sensitive too, so be more careful with any drugs.

The next Full Moon occurs on 25 September 2018 in the sign of Aries.

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