Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn 16/17 July 2019 – Reparenting the self


Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn 16/17 July 2019 – Reparenting the self

Eclipse season continues! Following the recent New Moon total solar eclipse, the Full Moon and partial lunar eclipse this month occurs on Wednesday 17 July 2019, with the Moon at 24°04′ Capricorn and the Sun in the opposite sign of Cancer at 24°04′, which is exact at 7:38 am Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) (see chart below).

It is exact in Los Angeles on July 16 at 2.38 pm (PDT), in New York at on July 16 at 5:38 pm (EDT) and in London on July 16 at 10:38 pm (BST).

This eclipse falls close to the planet Pluto and on the South Node of the Moon. This further signifies endings, culminations, closures and deeply emotional and transformational change. Where do you need to release and let go of anything outworn in your life? Or, do you have a talent or gift which is ripe for release and illumination? Pluto likes to excavate and bring to light (consciousness) that which has been buried in the dark (the unconscious). Taboos and secrets could also be revealed.

The Moon in Capricorn is not happy in her place of detriment or exile, were she does not feel ‘at home.’ To feel attachment and bonding here we must must follow the rules, and the guidelines, structures and boundaries laid down for us by those in authority – or the ‘conditional parent.’ The Sun in Cancer is emotionally warm and open-hearted, nurturing and protective of family and clan, and those considered to be clan.

Where do we need to question the rules about parental conditioning, releasing that austere, rigid parent within, so we can develop the sensitive caring and parenting of ourselves and others with unconditional love, emanating from the heart.

You may be also be thinking more broadly about your home and personal or family life, and the need to shine your light involving issues around nurturing, caring and protecting those you love (Sun in Cancer) as opposed to where you need to feel secure in controlling and ordering your work, career, status and achievements in the world (Moon in Capricorn). In particular, you may be reflecting on whether you have the balance right in your inner and outer worlds.

There could therefore be a push-pull between feelings of emotional attachment and involvement with clan, versus pragmatic productivity, self-sufficiency, ambition and independence in the professional world.

Saturn-Pluto conjunction

At a broader level, Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is widely conjunct Pluto (and the Moon at this time), an aspect that will become exact on January 12, 2020 at 22 degrees of Capricorn. We are witnessing the slow breakdown, restructure and reform of many of our outworn systems, establishments and traditions (including governments and large corporations). The seedy underbelly of corruption and wrongdoing by those in positions of power and authority will be exposed, transformed and rebuilt.

Mercury retrograde

Communication planet Mercury remains out of phase in dramatic Leo at the time of this eclipse, further encouraging us to re-view, re-flect and re-consider our schedules, any potential miscommunications with travel, and information in general as they can be subject to snafus during this time. The ‘winged messenger’ and trickster planet goes direct again on 31 July 2019 and will be out of the shadow period on August 15 when it passes the degree where it first turned retrograde on 7 July (4 degrees Leo).

Anyone whose birthday falls on the day of this eclipse or 5 days either side could have a significant ending this coming year.

What areas of life does this partial lunar eclipse fall in for you? 

Across your 1st and 7th houses – this is the area of self and partnerships. These areas will be emotionally illuminated and there may be an ending or resolution. This may concern issues of balance and compromise between yourself and a significant other. Make sure you look after your own needs.

Across your 2nd and 8th houses – this is the area of money, joint monies and material resources. These areas will be emotionally illuminated and there may be an ending or resolution in the area of income, debt, joint property, loans or spending.

Across your 3rd and 9th houses – this is the area of higher learning, studying and communicating. These areas will be emotionally illuminated and there may be an ending or resolution here. There may also be an upgrade of communication devices or technology.

Across your 4th and 10th houses. – this is the area of home, family and security. These areas will be emotionally illuminated and it may be that something needs to change. There could be a move of home or workplace, or there could be a family issue to deal with.

Across your 5th and 11th houses – this is the area of children, play, romance, self-expression, pleasure, friends, networks and groups. These areas will be emotionally highlighted and maybe a risk will be taken.

Across your 6th and 12th houses – this is the area of daily routines, health, work and service. You may want to change your diet and exercise program. Any happenings at your workplace, especially with colleagues, will be emotionally illuminated. You may need to find a place of retreat to regroup.

The next lunation is a new moon in Leo on 1 August 2019.

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