Prince Andrew’s horoscope – there’s no fairytale ending


Prince Andrew, Duke of York, was born on 19 February 1960, at 3:30pm in London, United Kingdom.

He has an intuitive Pisces Sun and intense Scorpio Moon (in its Fall position), with regal Leo rising (see chart below with current transits). This is a combination of the Watery realm of feelings and emotions, with enthusiastic, inspirational Fire. However his chart ruler, the Sun (planetary ruler of Leo) is in Pisces, taking us back to the element of Water.

Prince Andrew’s sensitive Pisces Sun is in the 8th House of other people’s values and material resources. Not surprisingly, his identity (Sun) is connected with family legacies, and no doubt he will inherit a lot of money and possessions. He can also lose himself merging with another in intimate unions, dissolving emotional boundaries, and in relationships which highlight his passions; unions which are catalysts for change and regeneration.

The modern planetary ruler of Pisces, Neptune, is in the 4th House of home and family. Confusion, delusion, secrets, an enmeshed family, making sacrifices, or even idyllicism can all permeate the early home life and psychological roots. His dream home may be one by the sea.

Communication planet Mercury is also in Pisces in the 8th House, where he may be interested in researching and learning about the hidden areas of life, including sex, death and the mysteries of life which include the occult or metaphysical world. Communications could also be fraught with misunderstandings, and his rational mind informed by his creative imagination, intuitive nudges and feelings.

The planets of love (Venus) and war (Mars) are conjunct in Capricorn in the 6th House of daily work and routines. Relationships can involve competition, passion and impulsiveness, possibly ending up in love triangles. Venus in Capricorn is cool and reserved, while Mars in Capricorn is strong in Exaltation, being ardent, vigorous and hard working in attaining success in both work and sexual conquests. Sex (Mars) can also be connected to money (Venus).

Adventurous and expansive Jupiter (traditional ruler of Pisces), is Dignified in Sagittarius, in the 5th House of pleasure, romance, recreation and play, assisting in earning Prince Andrew the reputation of being a playboy, known as ‘Randy Andy.’

Responsible, traditional, conservative Saturn too is placed in the sign of its Dignity, Capricorn, in the 6th House, showing ambition for authority and security, and being practical and organised. This is a work planet in a work house, and a military career is apt for this placement, not to mention warrior planet Mars in Capricorn ruling his 10th House of career.

‘Awakener’ planet Uranus is conjunct the Ascendant in the 1st House, with Andrew’s persona or the mask he presents to the world being one of rebellion, being freedom-loving, unusual, eccentric, non-conformist and marching to the beat of his own drum. It is a very individualistic, original and autonomous placement. He could be seen as the one who breaks the tradition of the Royal Family in some way.

Powerful Pluto is in the 2nd House of material resources, suggesting passionate feelings about money. Money, power and material success can be used to control other people, and wealth can also be used to prove his value and worth.

Current Transits

Neptune conjunct Mercury

Illusory, deceptive, nebulous Neptune, is moving to exactly conjunct Mercury in his 8th house of shared resources, including sexual unions and intimacy. Prince Andrew’s rational thought processes may be clouded, with miscommunications and even lies told as the facts won’t be presented clearly. He may also become lost in fantasies and daydreams. Mercury rules his 11th House of friendships, tying in his association with Jeffrey Epstein and groomer of the girls, Ghislaine Maxwell. This transit will be exact on 3 February 2020.

Pluto square Midheaven

Pluto is also at 20 degrees of Capricorn, within orb of making an exact, tense square aspect to his Midheaven or 10th House cusp at 22 degrees of Aries, transforming and regenerating his career, reputation and social standing. Already he has stepped down from royal duties since his disastrous interview on BBC Newsnight on 16 November 2019. Prince Andrew was previously involved in military service, including the Falklands War, and more recently as UK trade ambassador.

This transit will be exact on 8 January 2020. Transiting Saturn too will be conjunct transiting Pluto, exact on 12 January at 22 degrees of Capricorn, adding weight in restructuring and reordering his career, and holding him to account for any wrongdoing which may surface.

The Saturn Pluto conjunction widely conjuncts his Mars Venus conjunction in the 6th House, with Mars being the planetary ruler of his Aries Midheaven. A change of direction, involving death and rebirth are in order for the Prince. Saturn brings lessons, and Pluto concerns power so if there is anything untoward the Prince has been involved in regarding sex trafficking, Pluto will dredge it up from the underworld to see the light of day, and be purged.

The Lunar Eclipse on 11 January 2020 at 20 degrees Cancer falling across Prince Andrew’s 6th/12th Houses, may too bring hidden matters to light.

Jupiter in Capricorn for 1 year from 2/3 December 2019 too will move up to conjoin Pluto in April 2020, expanding the need for the truth, and popping the bubble: see

Second Saturn return

Prince Andrew has also recently experienced his second Saturn return, a cycle which occurs for everyone between the ages of 57 and 59. This is where we reap what we we have sown over the past 28-30 years, since the first Saturn return where we have hopefully matured, made serious commitments and taken on responsibilities. Prince Andrew experienced his first Saturn on 26 December 1989, when he was married to Sarah Ferguson and Princess Beatrice had been born a year earlier (on 8 August 1988). This is the harvest time for Prince Andrew.

Uranus in the 10th House:

Uranus, planet of shock, disruption, separation, detachment, breakdowns and breakthroughs, is transiting Prince Andrew’s 10th House of career and social standing, potentially bringing a revolution, and sudden and unexpected change to this area of life.

Secondary progressed Moon:

Prince Andrew’s secondary progressed Moon falls on his Descendant on 19 December 2020, entering his 7th House of one-to-one relationships for the next 2.5 years, highlighting emotional patterns and involvements in his relationships with women.

This can manifest in his feeling more vulnerable in relation to this area of life, or he could become more conscious of his instincts, feelings, emotions and responses. He may also recognise his habitual behaviour and feel the need to change his outmoded emotional patterns. Memories and images from the previous cycle (27.3 years ago) may also resurface. Incidentally, this was around 1991 when Prince Andrew’s marriage to Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, was revealed to be in trouble, with the couple divorcing on 30 May 1996.

12th House profection year

Traditional astrologers examine profection years which activate a particular area of life cycling from one birthday to the next, depending on your age. At 59 years old, Prince Andrew is in a 12th house profection year where secrets can come out; hidden matters come to light. This is considered to be a house (0r place) of ‘Bad Spirit’ which rules loss, sickness, enemies and confinement, so it goes without saying, this is not a good year for the Prince.

The ruler of his 12th House cusp is Cancer, with planetary ruler the Moon in Scorpio in the 4th House. People with the Moon in Scorpio like to keep their emotions and feelings private and hidden, even secretive. Emotional possessiveness, broodiness, jealousy, manipulation and intensity are all Moon in Scorpio traits. The 4th House is a private area of the chart as well, ruling our psychological roots, private life, ancestry and heritage. The loss or illness could relate to a parent, as the 4th/10th House axis is also considered to be the parental axis, and the Moon is an archetype of Mother. Incidentally, Prince Andrew is reportedly the Queen’s favourite son.

Friendship with Jeffrey Epstein

Prince Andrew allegedly had a 12 year friendship, ending in 2011, with paedophile, child sex trafficker and wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein, who reportedly killed himself in jail on 10 August 2019 in New York. Epstein was a convicted sex offender who had connections with other powerful men including Donald Trump and Bill Clinton. Importantly, to date, Prince Andrew has not been accused of having sex with trafficked girls. However, it is also reported that the Prince may have had sex three times with a 16-17 year old girl named Virginia Roberts (now Giuffre) who was trafficked by Epstein. She claims she was forced to have sex with the Prince and that she was paid $15 000 by Epstein to keep her mouth shut. It is also reported that Prince Andrew would stay with Epstein for days at Epstein’s Manhattan mansion and at his Palm Beach house. This is not a good look for Prince Andrew, with any involvement with the girls, and any lies or secrets, to be fully revealed. Prince Andrew may yet be the Prince who turned into a frog.

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