Saturn in Aquarius 2020-2023 – social distancing rules


Saturn moves out of Capricorn and into Aquarius twice in 2020 due to his retrograde motion. The initial ingress occurs on 22 March 2020 at 2.58pm AEDT (3.58am GMT) (see chart below), then again on 17 December 2020 at 4.03pm AEDT (5.03am GMT) for a 2.5 year or so stay, until 8 March 2023 when he slips into Pisces.

On 11 May 2020 Saturn turns Retrograde at 01°57′ of Aquarius, moving back into Capricorn on 2 July 2020 for the final time in his 28-30 year cycle, and comes within 2° of Pluto in Capricorn, making a conjunction.

This ingress into Aquarius marks a major shift following the one and only exact Saturn-Pluto conjunction on 12 January 2020, wrapping up the 1982-83 cycle which kicked off neo-liberalism. This economic mode is changing with the new synodic cycle.

On 10 January 2020 Wuhan announced the first death from COVID-19, so this global pandemic is part of the old cycle, and ushering in large scale social change. Saturn rules caution, and at present the current economy is being weakened as we avoid the shops since we fear contracting the virus. Stock markets are volatile too due to the lack of confidence.

Saturn is at home in Cardinal Earth sign Capricorn, and traditionally rules Aquarius. Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius and currently in Taurus, revolutionising our value systems and material resources of finances, income and possessions. Saturn is therefore strong and dominant from 2017 until 2023.

Saturn is a social planet (along with Jupiter). He rules tradition, structure, order, boundaries, borders, hard work, duty, rules and regulations, discipline, governments, authority figures, the status quo, responsibility, status, restrictions, denial, barriers and limitations. He is the Lord of Time, the reality check, and he does his work slowly so we can learn lessons and mature.

Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign. It is society-oriented and rules our community, the collective, friendship, group consciousness, humanitarianism, equality, our mental functions and intellectual pursuits. It is the sign which allows us to stand back and examine things objectively from a detached stance.

Life with Saturn in Aquarius will become more about the equality of the people (Aquarius), rather than the hierarchical top-down nature of society (Capricorn), particularly the people at the top of the mountain, as the old regime crumbles.

This is a time of great change. There is no going back.

Saturn venturing into Aquarius over the next couple of months will place further restraint on groups. We have recently started restrictions – rules about how many can gather at once, staying home and quarantining, and self-isolating in ‘lockdown.’ We belong by distancing ourselves from each other. Fences are currently being erected at beaches in Australia to enforce social distancing, our States are closing borders to interstate travel and non-essential services are being shut down. A lot of people are now working (Saturn) from home using the internet/technology (Aquarius). Aquarius also rules air travel, and we have had recent restrictions on international arrivals and departures as well.

We need to be responsible as we change society in a more progressive manner, finding our freedom through following the rules and offering original and unique intellectual viewpoints and solutions to current issues. Our new social structure will focus on the collective good rather than individual status and ambition. Prepare yourself for the future, be dutiful in caring for and helping each other, as we evolve into a new world order.

  • karen wall 23/03/2020

    exactly the conversation we had today! amazing!

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      Wow, we will need to get used to it Karen, Saturn will be ruling 2020 and beyond. Thank you for your comment. Michelle

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