Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius 14 December 2020 – future vision


The New Moon is a new personal cycle, a time of new opportunities and beginnings, with a Solar Eclipse – especially a Total Solar Eclipse – being an intensified New Moon. New Moons are a time when the Sun and the Moon come together (making a conjunction), and a time to set a new intention, planting a seed and goal for the new emotional cycle ahead. Eclipses (either New or Full Moon) are like ‘wildcards’ and can bring up anything emotionally repressed to be dealt with and released.

This New Moon in Sagittarius falls on either 14/15 December 2020 and is the last New Moon for 2020. It falls at 23°08′ of the sign. In Los Angeles, it occurs on 14 December at approximately 8:16 am, New York on 14 December at 11:16 am, in London on 14 December at 4:16 pm, and in Sydney on 15 December at 3:16 am (see chart below).

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter so is the planet ruling this eclipse. Jupiter represents faith, belief, trust, opportunity, abundance, luck, confidence, wisdom, our quest for meaning, and generosity. The need for expansion can however lead to excess, exaggeration, over-indulgence and risk-taking, and the possibility of falling prey to illusions and squandering resources.

Our ‘last gasp’ of any growth and expansion while Jupiter is in the last degrees of Capricorn, the sign of his ‘Fall’ where the expression of his energies are weakened, will come from being deliberate, prudent, industrious and pragmatic. Jupiter and Saturn then move into Aquarius, ready for a social reset and make their conjunction at 0° of the sign, right on the Summer (or Winter) Solstice.

These two planets are at the critical 29° over the next week or so, so there is currently a build up of tension around our maturity, authority figures, duty, order and responsibility, and a restructure of our beliefs, our ‘crusades’ and the truth, before we transition into the next era. This shift then from hierarchical Capricorn into egalitarian and humanitarian Aquarius is potentially radical, rebellious, electric, revolutionary, and exciting. 

This eclipse is also confusing as it squares nebulous Neptune in Pisces. We may feel a loss of direction, raising issues around escapism, addiction, being in denial, delusional and avoiding reality. We may surrender and escape by transcending mundane reality; moving more into our fantasies, illusions, faith and spiritualism. 

The eclipse conjuncts Mercury so another theme involves ideas, thoughts and communication. The eclipse and Mercury also trines Mars in Aries creating harmonious, flowing energy. This offers us the impetus and desire to go after what we want; initiating and acting on our ideas and goals with courage.

Importantly, this eclipse also falls on the Moon’s South Node. The South Node is about the past, releasing and letting go. Our past dogmatism, truth, beliefs, philosophies, cultural and religious moralism and ethics are up for revision. Where is (y)our blind spot to the light? 

The sign of Sagittarius

From November 22 until December 21, 2020 the Sun will occupy the sign of Sagittarius, the Archer. Sagittarius has a Mutable quality or mode. The Mutable modality signifies the end of the seasons, when the weather is more in flux. The Mutable energy represents flexibility, versatility and changeability. With Sagittarius, imagine the need to be on the move in some way, either physically or mentally. Sagittarius is also one of the signs which is associated with the Fire Element concerning enthusiasm, inspiration, warmth, passion and intuition.

Some keywords for Sagittarius include: adventurous, freedom-loving, philosophical, outgoing and restless. Sagittarius also relates to being exuberant, open-minded, having an interest in higher learning, being visionary and explorative, and seeking meaning, growth and improvement. The focus is on the future and broadening horizons through journeys. 

In the body, Sagittarius rules the hips, thighs and the sciatic nerves, and Jupiter rules the largest organ in the body, the liver.

What house (area of life) does this New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse fall in in your chart:

1st house: A positive new self-image when reaching out into the world.

2nd house: Managing physical resources and money. Our innate skills and talents, and what is of value to us.

3rd house: Expressing ideas, more expansive in the way we think, being enthusiastic in our communication patterns. Taking a short course, changes in neighbourhood and more short trips.

4th house: Home – new beginnings regarding the home environment, renovations, family interactions.

5th house: Learning a helpful new hobby, or you could be involved with children. A new romance could eventuate.

6th house: New beginnings in day-to-day work and routines, diet and exercise.

7th house: One-to-one relationships. The possibility of a new partnership, either personal or business.

8th house: Connecting in relation to emotional intimacy. New issues may also arise around the areas of death, inheritances, wills, taxes, and legal issues with joint monies, property or other shared resources.

9th house: Making plans to travel or move overseas for higher learning purposes (university, religion, philosophies).

10th house: New career and social position, new career move, improved public standing, planning your vocation.

11th house: New networks and connections as part of a group or community. Deepening friendships and social connections.

12th house: Commune and connect with your inner self. Start a meditation routine, study tarot or the metaphysical realm.

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