Narcissistic Personality Disorder 19/04/2020 Who becomes a target for narcissists – are you a moth to the flame?

Narcissists are attention-seeking, grandiose, self-absorbed, self-entitled predators who have a well-tuned radar for picking out potential targets as sources of narcissistic supply. They may go straight for the jugular, or test you out more subtly to see if you are as weak as they would like for their preferred source(s) of supply (property, money, sex, …

Astrology Narcissistic Personality Disorder 14/11/2019 Traits of narcissism in the birth chart – some red flags

Narcissism seems to be an epidemic these days, from partners to parents, colleagues, managers and CEOs. They come in all shapes and sizes, presenting as ‘wolves in sheep clothes,’ and sadly we often find out too late that we have been targeted by these robots masquerading as people. Having had personal experience with such disordered …

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