The Astrology of Inauguration Day 2021 – angry eruptions


Inauguration Day 2021 inducting Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States occurs at 12:00pm on January 20th, 2021, in Washington DC. (Please see chart below).

This chart is fraught with tension, potential upheaval and confusion, even delusion, as transiting Mars conjuncts Uranus at 6° of Taurus, with the Moon in Aries nearby. Pluto conjuncts the Midheaven, and Neptune at 18° Pisces squares the Gemini / Sagittarius Nodal Axis.

The Moon in Aries at the ‘critical’, ‘anaretic’ or 29th degree speaks of violence, anger, aggression and assertion – from secret or hidden enemies, being in the 12th house. This emotional impulsiveness (Moon) also triggers the same degree Mars (aggression) was at on 6 January 2021 when the Capitol Building was stormed by Trump supporters.

The Moon is also Void of Course, meaning she is not making a significant angle to another planet before entering (ingressing) the next sign (in this case Taurus at 1:56pm). A Void of Course Moon generally means that ‘nothing will come of the matter,’ so the inauguration may need to be ‘redone’ in some way. Biden may not serve out his term, or his administration may lack effectiveness; laws may not be passed the way the new Democrat Government thinks they will.

The planetary ruler of the Moon in Aries (or dispositor) is Mars (the Warrior), conjunct Uranus (change). This indicates sudden and unexpected happenings. Maybe there will be gunfire, or sniping from insurgents and the police/militia, or bombs could explode. This chart is fraught with unpredictable, impulsive, surprising, chaotic and violent tendencies, from hidden aggression and a stubborn resistance to change (Taurus being a Fixed sign).

Pluto relates to power struggles, transformation, emotional control and manipulation, and ruthlessness. The Midheaven represents the/our highest calling, reputation, status, career and public standing. Elevated Pluto culminating at the top of the chart suggests the public purpose of this term of office concerns regeneration, death and rebirth; a renewal and the end of one way of life and the beginning of another. 

The Sun stands at 0° Aquarius in the 10th house (along with Saturn at 3°, Jupiter at 7° and Mercury at 18°). Aquarius is the sign of humanitarianism, equality, and inventiveness, while 0° is the degree of the ‘Great Conjunction’ of social planets Jupiter and Saturn on 21 December 2020, a conjunction which occurs every 20 years. New beginnings are in the offing after the eventual breaking down of old, patriarchal, traditional social structures. We are in the midst of a shift from strict governmental control, hierarchy and materialism (Capricorn / Earth) to egalitarianism, community orientation and a digital age (Aquarius / Air). 

Neptune in his own sign of Pisces at 18°, indicating collective confusion and chaos, currently squares the Nodal Axis across the Gemini / Sagittarius polarity. The Moon’s Nodes represent our evolutionary path. The South Node represents the past, and in adventurous Sagittarius, it concerns the ‘big picture’, expanding horizons, ‘truth’, beliefs, philosophies and religion. The North Node in interactive Gemini represents our path of growth, and governs communication, including listening to others, logic, facts, and rationality. We need to learn to express ourselves without being dogmatic (Sagittarius), and, to have others objectively understand our point of view (Gemini), a view which is not based on fantasy (Neptune) – such as conspiracy theories. 

This Inauguration Day is indeed volatile with a strong potential for civil unrest, including armed protests and arrests, riots, rebellion, anarchy, and even revolution concerning liberation and social justice.

  • Jimmy Fu 21/01/2021

    Thanks for this. I believe the actual swearing in, as they say, was around 11:50 am or thereabouts

    • Reply

      Thank you Jimmy. Will be interesting to say the least see what transpires in any case.

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