The Astrology of October 2020 – the shocking truth


The ‘stop-go’ influence of the exact Retrograde Mars in Aries square to Saturn in Capricorn at 25° is still with us going into October, however this is the last square between the two malefics (‘bad planets’) in these Cardinal signs (exact 29 September 2020), since the next square will fall in Taurus and Aquarius in January 2021.

Do your best to exercise patience in getting where you want to go, being driven but mindful of the rules and restrictions imposed by authority figures, governments and institutions – without becoming combative, agitated or ‘hot under the collar.’

Mars conjoined the Capricorn stellium in March 2020, and will now make a waxing (first quarter) square not only to Saturn (29 September as mentioned), but to Pluto (9 October), and Jupiter (19 October). This will be a tense, testing time where the themes initiated back in March will be echoed. COVID-19 fears heighten, as do market jitters. 

October is a month emphasising uncomfortable stand-offs between planets in Cardinal signs, since Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury are all located either some or all of the time this month in these signs of action and new beginnings. 

Full Moon in Aries

The month of October 2020 kicks off with a ‘give and take’, ‘me and you’ Full Moon in fiesty Cardinal Aries at 9° (Sun in Libra) on either the 1st or 2nd, depending on where in the world you live, highlighting themes of independence and relationship.

This Full Moon illuminates the need to compromise and co-operate to get what you want, while we may still need to fight for what’s fair and just, based on our value-systems. The next day, Libra’s ruler, harmony-loving Venus moves into discriminating, critical Virgo, the sign of her Fall position, so watch for any ‘nit-picking’ with partners.

Pluto Direct 

Pluto moves stationary direct on the 4th at 22° Capricorn, intensifying an already intense planet of powerful transformation and emotional control, and is the last of the 3 slower moving planets in Capricorn to go direct (the others being visionary Jupiter (12th September at 17°) and dutiful Saturn (29 September at 25°)).

Mars square Pluto

Mars will be at 24° Aries making a stressful square aspect to Pluto at this time (9 October), where we’ll be competitively and possibly ruthlessly asserting our power, or even manipulatively, obsessively and secretively going after what we want. Deeply held rage can boil to the surface, forcing dark, buried taboos to be exposed and expressed.

Mercury Retrograde

Communication planet Mercury stations Retrograde at 11° Scorpio on the 13th, opposing freedom-loving Uranus in Taurus at 9°. However, Mercury first opposes Uranus on 7 October at 9°, then again on the 19th, and again at 9° Scorpio to Taurus. We can anticipate breakdowns and breakthroughs involving unexpected disruptions and surprises, even shocks, in information and communications, although we may also have exciting and innovative new ideas.

Think about breaking out of stifling situations to become liberated and independent; awaken and rebel! Let the truth set you free, and make the radical and revolutionary changes necessary. Since Mercury is in Scorpio, think and investigate deeply,  even secretively. We may also become more passionate, forceful or angry in our expression, since Mars rules Scorpio (ancient planetary ruler, Pluto is considered the modern ruler of Scorpio). 

Anyone who has planets around 6°-14° of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) will feel the effects of this transit more keenly. 

US election

Interestingly, the US election will be held the day Mercury stations direct, at 25° Libra, on 3 November 2020, intensifying the communication snafu energy. There could be issues around mail and ballot vote numbers, recounts and a lack of concession from the defeated candidate. An accurate result may be unclear for some time, with matters potentially turning ugly when warrior planet Mars turns direct on 13th November at 15° Aries.

New Moon in Libra

The New Moon falls in the sign of relationship-oriented Libra on the 16th at 23°. It opposes independent Mars in Aries at 20° and also squares obsessive Pluto in Capricorn at 22°, whilst also squaring restrictive Saturn in Capricorn at 25°, making a T-Square aspect pattern. The diplomacy of Libra will need to accommodate the ‘me first’ efforts of Mars, along with the compulsiveness of Pluto and caution of Saturn.

The planetary ruler of the New Moon is Venus at 16° Virgo, and she too makes a difficult opposition aspect to Neptune at 18° Pisces encouraging us to make order from the chaos in relationships, Do we criticise and discriminate or do we exercise compassion, kindness and empathy. Be of practical service without giving yourself away as a victim, rescuer or saviour of others. 

Sun in Scorpio, Mercury and Venus in Libra

The Sun moves into the private sign of Scorpio on the 22nd for his annual sojourn, and makes a conjunction with Retrograde Mercury at 2° Scorpio on the 25th where thoughts and words are held under wraps. Mercury then moves back into the sign of Libra just as Venus enters Libra, both on the 27th (Libra is one of her home signs, Taurus is the other sign Venus rules). This lightens the energy and we think and feel more inclined to be objective and see the other person’s point of view. Co-operate, share and find pleasure in spending money on what you value.

Full Moon in Taurus

The month ends as it starts with a Full Moon, on 31 October, this time in Taurus at 8° conjunct planet of liberation, freedom, and surprise, Uranus, at 8°. A ‘jackhammer’ may be taken to the Earth resulting in earthquakes and shocks, or there could be previously hidden economic issues coming to light. Endings, instability and sudden change may be necessary to move through and accept before matters stabilise into a regular sense of pattern, and become more grounded, steadfast and routine.  

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