The “Great Conjunction” of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius – 21 December 2020


“A great revolution is never the fault of the people, but of the government.” Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, 1836

The once in 20 year conjunction of the social planets Jupiter and Saturn occurs at 0° Aquarius on 21 December 2020 (or 22 December 2020, depending on where in the world you live). Please see chart below. This is right on the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, when the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn, a charged point which which initiates a new season.

Saturn enters Aquarius on 17 December 2020 at 4.03pm AEDT (5.03am GMT) for a 2.5 year or so stay, until 8 March 2023 when he slips into Pisces. Jupiter enters Aquarius on 20 December 2020 at 0.07am AEDT (19 December 2020 at 1.07pm GMT) for an approximately 1 year stay.

Not only is this conjunction a rare event as it only happens every 20 years, it is even rarer since the conjunction falls in a new element – the Air triplicity. For the past 200 years or so this alignment has eventuated in Earth signs (except for a brief time in 1981, when Saturn and Jupiter were conjunct in Air sign Libra). The last time the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurred was in Taurus in the year 2000 on 28 May at 22°.

This is a major and defining shift of epochal change which involves movement from two different styles of energy:

Earth Element

Earth is solid, reliable, stable, consistent, grounded, steadfast and practical. There is a focus on material security, land and its resources, and can be resistant to change.

Air Element

Air is the exchange of information, ideas, concepts, thinking, writing, talking, understanding, processing data, and mobility.

The sign of Aquarius

Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign, and one of equal relationship. It is therefore social, intellectual, inventive and emotionally detached. Like-minded people seek to have and maintain connection with a group regarding ideas, being politically active and even dogmatic about knowledge, and finding causes and means to communicate within the group. Aquarius is society-oriented and rules our community, the collective, friendship, group consciousness, humanitarianism, our mental functions and intellectual pursuits. It is the sign which allows us to stand back and examine things objectively from a cooler or more detached stance.

The planet Jupiter:

Jupiter is known as, the ‘greater benefic,’ ruling the principles of expansion, wisdom, education, abundance, growth, opportunity, travel, truth, ethical values, the search for meaning and generally, ‘good luck.’ He is ‘affirming’ according to traditional astrology. In Aquarius we are being encouraged to be mentally adventurous, expanding our minds, branching into intellectual freedom.

The planet of Saturn:

Saturn is antithetical to Jupiter, it is the ‘greater malefic’ and rules constraint, constriction, restriction and contraction. It is associated with structure, hierarchy, boundaries, limits, discipline and time; he is known as ‘Father Time.’ For the ancients, Saturn was literally ‘the end of the line;’ the last of the visible planets. He rules closure, maturity, responsibility, authority, commitment, order, duty and our material reality. He is the reality check, and he does his work slowly so we can learn lessons and mature. He is ‘negating’ in traditional astrology. Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, so is ‘at home’ in this sign, as he is in Capricorn. We will need to be cautious in our optimism, more measured in our enthusiasm, and calculated in being adventurous and risk-taking, although new scientific developments are likely with Saturn in Aquarius. Maybe there will be a breakthrough in COVID-19 vaccinations or cures, or at least a means to distribute information to provide for its containment.  

The sign of Capricorn:

Capricorn is one of the signs associated with the Earth element of groundedness and practicality. It is connected with being serious, conservative, traditional, mature and organised. Capricorn is connected with worldly ambition, responsibility, discipline, realism, patience and order. It also concerns being rigid, cautious, fearful, inhibited, cold and too focussed on materialism. At a broader level it rules governments, hierarchy, and large corporations and institutions.

We are entering a new epoch, initiating a new, collective elemental cycle and a change in the ways we do things. This includes moving from consumerism, hierarchical structures and materialism on the physical plane to collaboratively networking and focussing on the future, including innovation and technological advancement. We will be working experimentally with our ideas, revolutionising society beyond current societal boundaries.

Our new social structure will focus on the collective good rather than individual status and ambition, which may bring rebellion and civil unrest into the mix. We are being asked to foster social reform and humanitarianism in a fair and impartial manner.

Life with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius will become more about the equality of the people (Aquarius), rather than the top-down power-structure of society (Capricorn). This will particularly affect the people at the top of the mountain, as the old regime crumbles in 2020, ready for a rebirth and new growth for the collective good of all.

What house (area of life) will the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction transit fall in for you: 

1st house: Expansion and new understanding about the self, cautious new ways of reaching out into the world. New ideas and goals, self-image – eg losing weight.

2nd house: Expand our physical resources, growth in material items. Spending money on things we believe in, what brings us meaning. Ideally spending and learning about our innate skills and talents, what is of value to us.

3rd house: Growth in understanding of our ideas, the way we think, our communication patterns, taking a course, changes in neighbourhood, growth in a sibling relationship through communication.

4th house: Home – working on improving or beautifying the home environment, renovations, growth in our feelings of safety, security, searching and exploring where we belong.

5th house: Expanding creative self-expression, children, pregnancy, teaching children, taking courses in art, drama. Broaden your creative horizons in a disciplined way.

6th house: Growth in day-to-day work and routines through striving. Smaller office, less colleagues in your team. Health – search for meaning about our health, taking a course on bettering health, naturopathy, yoga etc

7th house: More meaning in relationships, expanding them. If single, possibility of a new relationship. Travelling or studying with a partner.

8th house: Meaning, depth and truth of emotional intimacy. Beliefs, ethics, morals – issues may arise. Death, inheritances, wills, legal issues, property.

9th house: Travel or move overseas, higher learning at university or other tertiary level, exploring foreign lands, search for meaning.

10th house: Accomplishment in career, new career move, expansion in public standing, finding hope and a new sense of meaning in your vocation – workplace may expand (or contract) – new (or closure of) branches.

11th house: Becoming more part of a group, or part of the community. Friendships and social circle may expand (or contract), become more meaningful. Explore more of yourself and take opportunities with like-minded people.

12th house: Reflective time of finding meaning by connecting with the inner self. Meditate, study tarot, metaphysical realm. Explore ancestry.

  • Michelle 19/10/2020

    Wow, fascinating planetary alignment to look forward to! Thanks once again for this practical insight into the universal planetary energies at play in different areas of our lives 🙂

    • Reply

      Yes, it will be a HUGE energetic shift which definitely won’t go by unnoticed. Thank you for your kind feedback Michelle, it is much appreciated.

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