The USA’s horoscope in 2020-2023 – God bless America


With 9,528 deaths and 333,017 cases of Coronavirus in the United States at present according to the Worldometer website, let’s examine the horoscope and transits for the USA for 2020-2023. The chart below with current transits, is the Declaration Chart for 4 July 1776 at the time of signing, proclaiming the independence of the USA from Great Britain’s rule.

Sagittarius rising

The US persona (or mask) is one of being big, positive and optimistic, adventurous, philosophical, freedom-loving and expansive.

Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Cancer

The US Sun is in Cancer, together with the ‘benefics;’ abundant Venus and Jupiter conjunct, all in the 7th house of international relations, having a big presence in the areas of treaties, wars and foreign affairs. Mercury is in Cancer too, but in the 8th house of international finance and other people’s money. Cancer is the sign of family, caring, nurturing, emotional security and sensitivity, a sense of belonging and protection. The strong emphasis on this sign indicates a patriotic theme regarding the US ‘homeland’ and nationalism.

Moon in Aquarius

The Moon, representing the public, is in society-oriented Aquarius, so it’s not surprising that the opening line to the American Constitution is, ‘We the people…’ The Moon widely trines Mars in Gemini, highlighting getting the message out to the people.

Saturn in Libra

Saturn is at 14° Libra, in Exaltation, and in the 10th house, in Accidental Dignity highlighting work, duty, discipline and commitment. However, it is closely squaring the Cancerian Sun at 13° Cancer, providing stability and practicality to the emotional sensitivity of the Sun, but also limiting the ability to accept other authorities and sovereign bodies, having such a strong emphasis on freedom and patriotism.

Transiting Saturn has recently conjunct natal Pluto in the 2nd house, hot on the heels of the potent single pass of the Saturn / Pluto conjunction on 12 January 2020 at 22° of Capricorn (and around the time of the first reported death due to Coronavirus). The 2nd house represents finances, material possessions, the economy, institutions including the federal reserve, Wall Street, and financial systems generally. These areas are all up for restructure over 2020-2021 as this transit passes.

Neptune in Virgo

Neptune is at 22° of Virgo in the 9th house. Neptune also neatly squares Mars at 21° of Gemini. confusion, Mars is active, and and likes moving in lots directions, whereas Neptune dissolves the energy. Actions can become ineffective.

Neptune opposition natal Neptune 2022

Neptune will oppose its natal position in February 2022 (around the same time as the Pluto return, see below), and is in orb now at 19°. This is a culmination or peak time, a time of letting go, of dissolving, and there can be a lot of confusion and not knowing the facts from illusion, delusion or deception. During a time where mental clarity is lacking, we need to trust our intuition, our higher or spiritual self, sacrificing the ego self and surrendering to the divine.

It can take a health issue such as an unseen virus – COVID-19 (viruses are ruled by Neptune) for us to become spiritually awake. Opposing Virgo, the sign of health and hygiene, we can look to that sign for how to manage the current health crisis. Hand washing and face masks have become paramount in stopping the spread of particles.

Pluto return in Capricorn 2022

Natal Pluto sits at 27° of Capricorn in the 2nd house, opposing retrograde Mercury at 24° Cancer. The US will have their first exact Pluto return in February 2022, revealing deep flaws in the financial system, including corruption and debt. Although the breaking down, death, transforming, rebirthing and evolutionising of the powerful economic or monetary system has already begun with Saturn in Capricorn too. This provides a reality check regarding authority figures, with a restructuring of the failing structures and systems of government and corporations arising from the rubble. The current ways of doing business isn’t working for most people, and it’s time for wide-scale reform.

Natal Pluto opposing communicative Mercury retrograde in Cancer in the private, even secretive 8th house, means not all information regarding finances and debt is likely to be shared. There is a lack of perception and even trust around what is of value and worth, and in relation to other people’s money, including pensions, loans, mortgages and interest.

Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius 21 December 2020

Jupiter was last in Capricorn in 2008 with the start of the GFC, and is again currently transiting the 2nd house of the US in Capricorn. Jupiter conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius in 2020 at 0°, on the solstice, a turning point, and it is the first time they have come together in an Air sign since 1802 where they have been connecting in Earth signs every 20 years. This new cycle in Air stays with us until 2159.

There will be an ending of financial reliance on coal, fossil fuels, oil, and machinery which extracts resources from the Earth. This elemental shift in 2020 will bring even more economic reliance on information technology, communications, the internet, online shopping, renewable energies, plus electric and driverless cars, and exciting, revolutionary breakthroughs in aviation and travel, genetics, and innovations not yet discovered.

Jupiter Pluto conjunction in Capricorn – 4 April, 30 June and 12 November 2020

Jupiter and Pluto will be magnifying the pandemic, as Pluto rules death and Jupiter is expansion, with the first exact aspect falling today. So far it has also ‘killed’ the travel industry, and who knows when air travel let alone cruises will be available not to mention viable again.

Jupiter and Pluto together can also signify great abundance and wealth, ‘plutocrats’, but will the wealth be used for all Jove’s family, or just for those in power? Again this transit falls in the 2nd house of the US’s finances and the distribution of wealth, which can include printing more money to satiate the masses. This aspect too symbolises the search and quest for the truth, digging down, and finding and exposing any corruption. It is also time to deal with the debt left over from the last GFC when Jupiter was last in Capricorn.

The year 2020 is certainly a historical turning point ushering in the beginning of a new era of systems and structures, as a social, political and economic transition and reset.