Venus Retrograde in Gemini 13 May – 25 June 2020 – we need to talk


Venus (or Aphrodite), Goddess of Love and Money, is associated with relating to others in flow, balance and harmony, especially in conversation as Venus co-rules Libra, an Air sign. Venus is also associated with priorities, worth, values and beauty, including self-esteem – valuing the self, and how we spend money, connecting with Earthy Taurus, the second sign she rules.

Where Venus falls in the chart is therefore concerned with what we value, what pleases us, and how we relate. It is where and how we attract others, and the things we value and love. She gives us a sense of self-worth, of how attractive we are, and how we appreciate ourselves and others.

Venus will be in Gemini from 4 April until 8 August 2020. She goes retrograde for approximately six weeks every 18 months or so. She will turn retrograde on 13 May at 21° until 25 June 2020 where she turns direct at 5°.

Our old patterns of relating, giving and receiving love and affection, spending, values, and finding pleasure are up for revision during this time. Turn inward, reflect upon and reassess these areas. Partners from the past may resurface to resolve things once and for all. If you happen to meet someone during this time, hold off on getting things moving until after 25 June. Similarly, review your finances, and delay investing and spending on big purchases as well until after this period is over.

Venus in Gemini represents relating to others through ideas, facts and communication, where rapport is achieved in an intellectual, informative, curious, verbal way. During this retrograde period we can be re-evaluating what we want, in two minds about our relationships, value systems, and what brings us pleasure. We may have multiple ideas which don’t gain traction, rethink what is working in our partnerships, and what may not be, expressing what needs to be said, and having ‘talks’.

Venus is exactly square Neptune in Pisces from 20-22 May, so during this time especially we may be seeing our partner through ‘rose-coloured’ glasses, feel unclear or confused about what exactly what it is we want, experiencing a conflict between what we think (Gemini) and want we feel or intuit (Pisces).

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