Prince Harry’s horoscope – is it a right Royal mess?


On 9 January 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, announced they were are stepping back as ‘senior’ members of the Royal Family, while remaining supportive of The Queen, and were working to become financially independent. They will also be sharing their time between North America and the United Kingdom.

At the time of writing (19 January 2020), it has just been announced that Prince Harry and Meghan will will lose their royal HRH titles, any access to public money, and will have to pay back the $4.5 million used to renovate Frogmore Cottage. Nevertheless, they will retain their titles despite not using them. Harry will remain a prince and will still be known as Harry, Duke of Sussex. His wife Meghan, remains known as Duchess of Sussex. Let us now have a look at Prince Harry’s natal chart.

Prince Harry was born on 15 September 1984 at 4.20pm in Paddington, London, UK (see chart below with current transits). He has a Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon and Capricorn rising (or Ascendant). That is a lot of Earth element! (I will look at Meghan Markle’s chart in a separate post, then focus on their Synastry (or compatibility)).

Earth element

The Earth element is the orientation to life based on schedules, plans, material and sensual comforts, possessions and routines. Prince Harry would likely be solid, grounded and practical, reliable, focussed on pleasure and tangibilities, and the ‘here and now.’ With his Sun and ruling planet, Mercury, both in Virgo, making efficient use of information is key to him. His mind lends itself to being analytical, discerning and discriminating – sorting the ‘wheat from the chaff’ as the Kore or Maiden does in the Virgoan symbolism, as she holds up a shaft of wheat. The Moon in Taurus is Exalted, indicating emotional stability, and feeling safe and secure though being nourished and ‘fed’ on a regular basis. Capricorn rising suggests a person who presents a persona or mask to the world of caution, responsibility, ambition, achievement, conservatism and conventionality.

Mercury square Uranus

Harry’s strong Mercury in Virgo however makes a tense square aspect with Uranus in Sagittarius. His communication style, and his thoughts and ideas may be therefore more radical, unique, free and original than that expected of a Royal Family member. Progressive and rebellious, Harry speaks the truth.

Some of us may also remember Prince Harry’s appearance at a fancy dress party in 2005 dressed in a Nazi costume, including a swastika armband, or when he put the ‘crown jewels’ on display at a party in Las Vegas in 2012 playing strip billiards.

Jupiter trine Mercury

Prince Harry’s Jupiter in Capricorn makes a flowing, harmonious trine aspect to his natal Mercury in the Ninth House of long distance travel and higher education. He would benefit from studying philosophies, gain rewards from travelling and do well in foreign enterprises and in foreign cultures. This aspect too gives an optimistic and easygoing nature, a flair for foreign languages, and is also good for publishing, teaching and public speaking.

Annual profection year 

Annual profections in Hellenistic Astrology mean that every year, a house and sign are activated. The ruler of that sign then becomes the ‘Lord of the Year.’ Harry is 35 years old, making the Twelfth Place (or House) the one highlighted for this profection year, until his 36th birthday on 15 September 2020. The Twelfth House is considered to be a house of self-undoing, sickness, loss, seclusion and represents secret enemies. Harry’s health may suffer this year, and plans may not work out as expected. He may need more time to be alone, to retreat, and work behind the scenes. Sagittarius is the sign on the cusp of this house, making the ‘Greater Benefic’ planet, Jupiter, the planetary ruler or ‘Lord of the Year.’ Jupiter is natally in Capricorn, in his First whole sign House. Harry may indeed need to be mindful of his health this year, as sickness and confinement (Twelfth House) and life, the body and health (First House) are currently connected.

Jupiter in Capricorn

Since Harry has a ‘day chart’, or is of the ‘Diurnal Sect’, having his Sun placed above the horizon, Jupiter is the most positive planet in his chart. Jupiter however is in his ‘Fallen’ position in Capricorn. Jupiter rules abundance and growth, freedom, wealth, knowledge and justice. Jupiter is affirming; the planet of ‘yes.’ With Jupiter transiting through Capricorn in his First House, any growth or new beginnings this year will come through patient and steady progress, in building a firm foundation, being organised and disciplined, and having realistic plans and goals – please read more here on Jupiter in Capricorn:

Harry has also recently experienced a Jupiter Return (18 December 2019) which too initiates a new cycle of growth and opportunity, however slow this may be. This year he has quite a pile up of planets in his First House of the self and self-image, including the recent Saturn Pluto conjunction (read more here: This will be a year of reinventing himself, privately, away from the public eye. It is  currently rumoured that he and Meghan along with baby Archie Harrison will move to Canada.

Natal Mars in the Twelfth House 

Harry also has the ‘Lesser Malefic’ (or one of the ‘bad planets’), Mars, located in the Twelfth House natally. Further, in a day chart, Mars is considered to be the most difficult or negative planet in the chart, being the Malefic of the opposite Sect (Nocturnal or night). Mars rules severing, separating, cutting, anger, fighting and heat. Mars in the Twelfth House, activated this year, is again rebellious, someone who ‘bucks the system’, and works and fights for the underdog (think Invictus Games). Prince Harry could do well as an investigator or detective, or as someone who works in a hospital or prison (behind the scenes institutions). This is a difficult placement for Mars, and Prince Harry’s energy and ability to assert himself may feel limited this year especially, despite the zealousness of natal Mars in Sagittarius which offers more vigour and vim.

Neptune square Mars

Transiting Neptune, planet of spirituality, escapism, self-sacrifice, creativity and intuition, is currently transiting Harry’s Third House of siblings, relatives, communication and short distance travel, making a tense square aspect to Harry’s natal Mars. This indicates a heightened sense of imagination, but also being prone to deception, and sensitive to drugs and alcohol. Neptune is nebulous, unclear, and clouds things; ‘fogging out.’ This transit could be associated with any misunderstandings with his brother, Prince William, and again, his energy could be at a low point with the dissipation or dissolution (Neptune) of any drive and direct action (Mars).

Transit of Mars square Saturn  – Fourth House to First House

No doubt this is a difficult year for Prince Harry. Later this year, Mars will transit Aries, Prince Harry’s Fourth whole sign House, representing home, family and living conditions. Mars is ‘at home’ in Aries, sign of his Dignity or Domicile, where he easily goes after what he wants in his ‘Warrior’ fashion. Mars however will be Retrograde this year, appearing to go backwards in the sky, from 10 September until 14 November, traversing 28°09′ to 15°14′ of Aries; where Prince Harry may be going over old ground in the family, possibly reviewing his decisions and actions to leave the establishment. Mars will exactly square Saturn transiting Prince Harry’s First House on 24 August 2020, after contacting Pluto on 13 August. This represents frustration, a ‘stop-go’ energy, and is potentially explosive. The separation from ‘The Firm’ or Royal Family, seems to be fraught with friction, to say the least.

Solar Eclipse 25/26 December 2019 and Lunar Eclipse of 11 January 2020

The recent Solar Eclipse fell at 04°06′ of the sign of Capricorn conjunct Harry’s Jupiter at 03°30′ in the Twelfth House, potentially illuminating the confinement he felt and the opportunity for a new beginning. Then on 11 January 2020, practically to the day of the announcement that he and Meghan were ‘stepping back’, a Lunar Eclipse occurred at 20°00′ of the emotionally sensitive, watery sign of Cancer, falling in Harry’s Seventh House of marriage and relationships, bringing to light the couple’s wish to bring an end to their current mode of partnership. Incidentally, Meghan is a Cancer rising, so the Lunar Eclipse fell across her partnership axis as well, but more on her chart in the next post.

The next Solar Eclipse falls at 00°21′ of the sign of Cancer, right on the Winter (or Summer) Solstice, indicating a turning point and new beginning for Harry and Meghan in their relationship. Watch this space.


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